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JetBlue has become synonymous with the best in class customer service. It has become the six largest in the United States in terms of the number of passengers carried. The rise of JetBlue can be attributed to the fact that they offer low priced tickets and also offer very good on board entertainment services. In fact, they were one of the first budget airlines to offer a TV screen for every seat. Such innovative services have made JetBlue extremely popular among customers. If you wan to take advantage of all these services then make a JetBlue Airline Reservations today.

Let’s Look At A Bunch Of Methods That You Can Use To book with Jetblue.

Call The Jetblue Airlines

One of the quickest ways to book a ticket is to call Jetblue Airlines book a flight helpline number. The number is and can is operational throughout the day. Another great thing about calling this booking number is that it is active even during national holidays. As the personnel manning the helpline are extremely knowledgeable they will sort out your problems in a jiffy.

Visit The Jetblue Reservations Desk

If you are looking for the ultimate convenience then visiting the JetBlue Reservations desk can work wonders for you. Any queries that you might have can be resolved at the help desk. JetBlue reservations support kiosks are available at major airports and you will not face any trouble spotting them. You can also get information about things like baggage and cancellation charges at the desk.

Undertake Extensive Research

You can’t go wrong with a lot of research. These days troves of information are available on the internet and you just have to ease it out. From flight timings to destination details everything is available on the internet if you know where to look. The task might seem a tad bit tedious but it pays off in the long run. You can even find out various techniques on how to get your JetBlue ticket for cheap.

Log on to Jetblue official Website

You might be surprised to know but there is a Jetblue Official site that you can visit to make your reservations. The best part is that you can make use of a number of features like manage booking and online check-in straight from the website. Apart from getting your online booking done, you can use the JetBlue official site to book hotels and select your inflight meals.

Read Reviews

Another sure-shot way of finding out about an airline is to read reviews that are left by its customers. There are a lot of review websites available on the internet you can have your puck or you can visit the official jetblue website. As most of the reviews are first-hand accounts you can learn from their experience. Reading reviews is a great way to learn about the good and the not so good things about an airline.

Ask For A Corporate Discount

Another great way to make a cheap JetBlue booking is to ask for a corporate discount or getting your tickets done through your employer. If you are employed by one of the bigger companies then chances are that they might have a corporate tie-up with JetBlue. If that is the case then you might be able to get additional discounts. These kinds of tickets generally have the option to get unlimited reschedules.

Frequently Asked Questions about JetBlue Airlines

How Is Jetblue Different From Other Low-cost Carriers?

If you are having second thoughts about making JetBlue reservations then we will clear the air. Most low-cost airlines fail in the entertainment department. However, if you are flying JetBlue then you will have access to a dedicated entertainment screen that you can use to watch movies and play games. The gourmet meals provided by them are also class apart.

How Can I Get A Jetblue Ticket For Cheap?

In our research, we found out that visiting the aggregator website is a decent way to make your Jetblue airline reservations for cheap. As these aggregator websites scan thousands of travel portals and provide you the cheapest deal, you can’t go wrong with them. Some of these websites might levy hidden charges so you are advised to proceed with caution.

Where Is The Main Base Of Jetblue Airlines?

JetBlue maintains corporate offices in lots of cities. They have a presence in a place like Florida, Utah and even Cotton Heights. As per JetBlue, John F Kennedy International airport is their main base. As the company has corporate headquarters in many different states, you will receive timely help no matter where you are.

What Is The Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy followed by JetBlue is one of the best in the industry. If you want to avoid a cancellation fee then you should cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking your ticket. If you are using the JetBlue vacation package then cancellation will be as per JetBlue booking policy.

When Should I Reach The Airport?

To make sure that your JetBlue flight reservations doesn’t go to waste, you are advised to reach the airport at least two hours before the time of departure for domestic flights and at least 4 hours prior in case of international flights. Please note that these timings might fluctuate if there are unforeseen situations like a natural disaster.

We are pretty sure that you will not face any problems while making your JetBlue Booking. In case you are not sure about something then you can give us a call we will sort out the problem for you. In case you don’t get an immediate call back from us then you can drop us a mail and we will get back to you. We hope that you will have a great time flying JetBlue.

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JetBlue Airlines International Contact Numbers

jetBlue Dominican Republic Phone Number809-200-9898
jetBlue Ecuador Phone Number800-538-2583
jetBlue Cuba Phone Number800 52583
jetBlue Aruba Phone Number297-588-5388
jetBlue Haiti Phone Number2229-2583
jetBlue Saint Lucia Phone Number1-877-766-9614
jetBlue Barbados Phone Number1-877-596-2413
jetBlue Turks & Caicos Phone Number1-877-390-5447
jetBlue Grenada Phone Number1-8558402106
jetBlue Grand Cayman Phone Number1-855-710-2951
All other countries (toll free)1-801-449-2525
jetBlue United States Phone Number1-800-JETBLUE (1-800-538-2583)
jetBlue Jamaica Phone Number1-800-963-3014
jetBlue Bermuda Phone Number1-800-884-9616
jetBlue Ireland Phone Number1-800-657427
jetBlue Trinidad & Tobago Phone Number1-800-538-2583
jetBlue Bahamas Phone Number1-800-538-2583
jetBlue Germany Phone Number0800-6648288
jetBlue Curacao Phone Number0800-0258
jetBlue Costa Rica Phone Number0800-012-1666
jetBlue Colombia Phone Number01800-9-156761
jetBlue St. Maarten Phone Number001-877-306-4939
jetBlue Mexico Phone Number001-800-861-3372
jetBlue Peru Phone Number80051061
Deaf or hard of hearing customers(TTY/TDD)711
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6 years ago

As far as the flight was concern, it was a good one. The staffs were very friendly. What really annoyed us was that our flight on our way back home was canceled without any prior notice. We were flying around for 15 hours and they replace the flight with an early flight. no information was provided to us on why it was cancelled and even after calling the Jetblue customer service phone number, we never found out. Who does that?? Of course the company employees help us out book a stay at a airport hotel which is exactly close to the airport and helped us book a new flight.

6 years ago

I usually travel with American airlines a lot and this is my first time traveling with Jetblue. The only thing I can say about them is, Awesome staffs and the seats were very comfortable. The whole journey experience was fantastic. I felt so relaxed after the journey. I would highly recommend jetblue to my friends. I know whom to call when I plan to travel again, jetblue customer service phone number and hope to get myself some good deal as well 😉

6 years ago

I booked a bundle plan ( flight + hotel) from jet blue and there was an issue over the pricing when we reached our hotel. However after calling the jet blue phone number, the customer service handled the issue immediately and made sure we did not have to wait to go to our rooms. Excellent service.

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