Japan Airlines

  • 0570-025-121
  • 24X7 365 Days a Year
  • Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
  • https://www.jal.co.jp/en/

Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Japan Airlines USA Customer Service

Since clients around the world may need help or face certain predicament when they make their Japan Airlines flight reservations, the company has a plethora number of backups who manages the Japan Airlines customer service. JAL has always prioritized its passengers and simply aims to serve each customer equally. A huge emphasis is done on the importance of prompt service, security and safety, and comfortable travel with the airlines. JAL appraises every possible outcome and solution for a delightful journey experience in every aspect and seeks to learn from any past mistakes to outdo them in the future.

Trouble and travel, know more about it by calling Japan Air customer service

Japan Airlines’ customer service endeavors to encroach on the expected standard of service. This is why the Japan Airlines phone number can always be avail to customers who need updated information of the airline. There are also numerous reasons why Japan Airlines’ contact number is constantly being used. Customers have queries with regard to their Japan Airlines booking, pre-assigning their seats, verifying for their upcoming trip, etc. To get information for such questions and get help to tackle an issue, customers can dial the available Japan Airlines phone number.

When you take up the help service of the airline’s customer care, you will be assisted on flight cancellation, journey with a sick passenger, advance reservation, flight offers and coupons, unable to do online check-in, requesting special services, and many more. Facilities and services are provided to passengers but if you still remain confused, the Japan Airlines contact number is always active and ready to help you with your problems and recommendations. You can also take up the option of visiting the official website of the airline at http://www.jal.com

The journey of Japan Airlines since 1951

Japan Airline is the chief air carrier for people inhabiting in Japan. The Japan based pre-eminent airline company was founded in the year 1951. It has it’s headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo and it was initially a private company before it was restructured in the year 1953 as a seemingly public-government corporation, and eventually achieved privatization in 1987. Japan airlines center of activity is in three locations, namely, the Kansai International Airport, Narita International Airport, and the Tokyo International Airport. Over the years, the airline company has expanded their global network and air route which includes covering distance in cities of Southeast Asia, India, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States of America.

In 2002, the Japan Air System (JAS) airline and JAL concurred to incorporate together. But JAL converted into the Japan Airlines International in 2004 and the Japan Air System became the Japan Airline Domestic. In 2006, these two airlines United and merge to form one corporation which is the JAL International. Japan Airline has come so far in the aviation industry and as years go by, they continue to exceed the expectation of their devoted customers. Every staff and crew member of the airlines are trained to convey the core value of what the company believes in and that is putting their hearts in every duty they are conducting.

Japan Airlines Reviews

Japan Airlines Contact Numbers

Customer Service

Phone Number

Japan Airline General Information

0570-025-121 (toll-free)

Japan Airline 24-hour Flight Information

0120-747-222 (toll-free)

Japan Airline Guest Reservation

0120-747-707 (toll-free)

Japan Airline Smile Support

0120-25-0001 (toll-free)

Japan Airline Family Club

0570-025-818 (toll-free)

Japan Airline JALCARD

0120-747-907 (toll-free)

Japan Airline Gift Card

0120-52-1600 (toll-free)

Japan Airline Feedback Center

0120-25-8600 (toll-free)

Japan Airline America Region Customer Service Phone Number

Japan Airline USA & Canada


Japan Airline Argentina


Japan Airline Brazil


Japan Airline Mexico


Japan Airline Guam


Japan Airline Europe Region Customer Service Phone Number

Japan Airline London


Japan Airline Austria


Japan Airline Belgium


Japan Airline Denmark


Japan Airline Finland


Japan Airline France


Japan Airline Germany


Japan Airline Ireland

353 (01)408-3757

Japan Airline Italy


Japan Airline Norway


Japan Airline Portugal


Japan Airline Russia

7 (495)234-5930

Japan Airline Spain


Japan Airline Sweden


Japan Airline Switzerland


Japan Airline Netherlands


Japan Airline UK


Japan Airline Egypt

20 (02)2737-1153

Japan Airline U.A.E


Japan Airline Asia / Oceania Region Customer Service Phone Number

Japan Airline Australia


Japan Airline New Zealand


Japan Airline Singapore


Japan Airline Indonesia

62 (021)572-3233

Japan Airline Philippines

63 (02)403-2763

Japan Airline India


Japan Airline Sri Lanka


Japan Airline Pakistan

92 (21)5653973

Japan Airline Malaysia


Japan Airline Vietnam


Japan Airline Thailand


Japan Airline Bangladesh

66 2-131-3300

Japan Airline Cambodia

66 2-131-3300

Japan Airline Laos

66 2-131-3300

Japan Airline Myanmar

66 2-131-3300

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