Icelandair EWR Terminal – Newark Liberty International Airport

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  • 24/7
  • Terminal B, 3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, United States

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Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is dedicated to Icelandair. Before starting a journey from this airport it is important to have a prior knowledge of Icelandair Newark Terminal. Terminal B is where Icelandair operations take place at Newark Airport including both arrivals and departures. This terminal stands out for its user-friendly design and collection of airport facilities. Ideal for both domestic and international flyers, Terminal B ensures a comfortable journey for Icelandair flyers. Reliable assistance regarding airport services is provided from check-in to arrival. This guide will help you understand the essential features of Terminal B, ensuring a comfortable and memorable start to the Icelandair journey from Newark.

Icelandair EWR Terminal - Newark Liberty International Airport

Icelandair Newark Terminal: A Quick Overview

It becomes highly important for travelers to have prior information about the terminal they are flying from, like, arrivals, departures, airport counters, etc. to have a smooth journey. So, here are the quick details about Icelandair Terminal in Newark:

Icelandair Terminal at NewarkTerminal B
ArrivalsLevel 2, Terminal B
DeparturesLevel 1, Terminal B
Ticket CounterLevel 1, Terminal B
Icelandair ticket counter hours NewarkMonday to Sunday, 24 Hours
Baggage Claim AreaLevel 2, Terminal B
Check-in CounterLevel 1, Terminal B
Icelandair Newark terminal phone number(800) 223-5500
Icelandair Parking at Newark AirportShort-Term Parking B, Terminal B

What Terminal is Icelandair at Newark?

Terminal B is designated to Icelandair at Newark Liberty Airport. This is the starting and ending point for flyers traveling with Icelandair to/from Newark. The Terminal B for Icelandair at Newark is known for offering several amenities and services to enhance the overall experience. Both domestic and international flyers can utilize the provided amenities as per their requirements.

Newark Arrival Terminal for Icelandair

Icelandair arrivals are managed at Terminal B, Newark Airport. Specifically, level 2 is designated for Icelandair arrivals. Flyers arriving at this terminal can easily ec the baggage claim as these are located near the arrivals. Moreover, they can explore the food outlets and shopping areas to relax after their flight.

Newark Departure Terminal for Icelandair

For Icelandair departures also, Terminal B is utilized. Currently, Level 1 at Terminal B is deployed for the departures of Icelandair. This level is equipped with various check-in counters and customer service is also provided here.

Icelandair Newark Terminal B Map

The provided map can be utilized to locate the different gates at Icelandair Terminal Newark. It becomes handy to navigate the terminal and get the right directions while traveling to/from Newark Terminal B.

Icelandair Ticketing Counter at Newark Airport

Icelandair has a dedicated ticketing counter at Newark Liberty Airport. It is located at Level 1, Terminal B. Travelers can visit this counter to manage their bookings and make reservations. Here, they can also make changes or cancel their tickets if needed. Moreover, travel queries related to Icelandair or the airport are promptly resolved by a team of professionals.

Baggage Counter of Icelandair at Newark Airport

At Newark Airport, the baggage counter of Icelandair is located near check-ins at Terminal B. This is the dedicated point where flyers submit their luggage during check-in for their flights. Here, baggage-related queries are managed. Assistance regarding excess baggage and weights/sizes is provided by the airline staff at Icelandair baggage counters.  

Baggage Allowance on Icelandair

The baggage allowance for Icelandair Newark Terminal is subject to the travel class. The standard baggage allowance for Economy Light Class includes only 1 carry-on bag and one personal item. The carry-on bags must weigh under 22 lbs which is 10 kgs. Those who are traveling in Economy Standard and Economy Flex can also carry 1 checked bag of 23kg. 

  • Saga Premium: 2 checked luggage (32kg each) + 1 carry-on bag with 1 personal item
  • Saga Premium Flex: 2 checked bags of 32 kg each + 2 carry-on luggage and 1 personal item. 

Transportation options at Newark Airport Icelandair Terminal

Among several transportation options operating at Newark Airport Icelandair Terminal, AirTrain is the most convenient one. This service links all terminals, ensuring easy transit. Specifically, for Terminal B, the travel time is approximately 11 minutes. This swift connection allows travelers to move between terminals seamlessly, whether they’re arriving at Newark Airport or transferring to another flight. Moreover, a free shuttle bus service is provided at Terminal B, Gates B60 to B68. The bus stations are located at B67, providing an alternative and easy way to navigate the airport.

Where do Icelandair Flyers park at Newark Airport?

If travelers flying with Icelandair from Newark Airport need parking, the Short Term Parking B at Terminal B is their go-to option. It’s conveniently located and ideal for quick access to Terminal B. The parking rates are $4.25 per half hour, making it suitable for short stays. For longer durations, such as 24 hours, the cost is $60. However, if flyers plan, they can benefit from the prebook rate of $38 for 24 hours. This pre-booking option offers a more budget-friendly solution for those who organize their travel in advance.

Check-in Times for Icelandair Terminal at Newark Airport

When flying with Icelandair from Newark Airport, flyers must remember to check in on time. The check-in process at Icelandair Terminal Newark Airport opens 3.5 hours before the flight’s departure. To ensure a smooth journey, make sure to complete the check-in at least 1 hour before the flight is scheduled to leave. 

Where to eat and shop at Icelandair Terminal Newark?

Flyers traveling with Icelandair can explore a range of shops and restaurants available at Terminal B. These are offered to enhance the traveling experience for flyers traveling via Newark Liberty International Airport. Moreover, flyers can explore several interesting things to do in Newark during a layover.

Shopping Stores

The shopping stores located at Icelandair Terminal in Newark Airport are given below:

  1. America! Kiosk – B3 Connector, Terminal B
  2. All You Need – B1 Connector, Terminal B
  3. EJE Travel Retail Duty-Free – B2 & B3 Connector and near B3 concourse at Terminal B
  4. InMotion Entertainment – B3 Connector, Terminal B
  5. ShopAll Pharmacy – Level 1, Baggage Claim, Terminal B


Eat at the following restaurants available at Newark International Airport Icelandair Terminal:

  1. Belgian Beer Cafe – B2 Connector, Terminal B
  2. Budweiser Brewhouse – Pre-Security B1, Terminal B
  3. Discover New Jersey – Headhouse South, Terminal B
  4. Dunkin Donuts – Level 2, International Arrivals and Level 1 Baggage Claim at Terminal B
  5. Firehouse Subs – B1 Connector, Terminal B

Services and Facilities offered at Icelandair Terminal Newark

To provide a comfortable travel experience at Newark International Airport Icelandair Terminal, a range of amenities are offered. These services and amenities are the essential parts of this terminal which ensure convenience. Some of the major facilities are mentioned in the following table along with their locations at Terminal B: 

Charging StationsAvailable throughout the Terminal B
Currency Exchange International Located at B3 Satellite and near B AirTrain, Terminal B
Mamava Lactation PodAccessible at Terminal B1 Satellite/Gates, Located near gate B47
Service Animal/Pet Relief Area B Outside Courtyard (across from Building 125)B-3 satellite (Gates 65 and 66)B1 Connector (next to Delta Sky Club)
Sims on the GoLocated at International Arrivals, Terminal B
Travelers Aid Find at the Welcome Center in Arrivals, Terminal B
Travelex ATMAvailable throughout the Terminal B

In conclusion, Icelandair’s Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport is designed to cater to the needs of every traveler. The well-located parking facilities and diverse transportation options ensure convenience at Terminal B. Additionally, a range of dining and shopping options enhance the travel experience of Icelandair Flyers. 

What terminal does Icelandair use at Newark?

Icelandair uses Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Is Terminal B used by Icelandair at Newark?

Yes, Icelandair operates from Terminal B at Newark Airport.

What is Icelandair’s arrival terminal in Newark?

Icelandair’s arrival terminal in Newark is Terminal B, specifically on Level 2.

Which gates does Icelandair use at Newark Terminal B map?

Icelandair uses Terminal B gates at Newark Airport as per the map.

Does AirTrain operate at Icelandair terminal Newark Airport?

Yes, AirTrain operates at Newark Airport, providing connectivity to Icelandair’s Terminal B.

Which is the Icelandair departing terminal at Newark Airport?

Icelandair’s departing terminal at Newark Airport is Terminal B, located on Level 1.

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