Flair airline is known to be the charter airline which is based in Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada. This Canadian charter airline serves the customers with the passenger and cargo services in the regions of Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean and to other several destinations located worldwide. Fliers can book flights online to their selected destination either through the website or through the Flair airlines phone number.

Plethora of services are provided

Flair airline operates from its base located at the Kelowna International airport. The airline is popular for offering plethora of services including; airlines, tour services, convention organizers, corporate travel plans, etc. Customers can call the Flair airlines customer service number to know more about the services. The number is toll free and quickly accessible.

While booking cheap flights or corporate travel plans, it’s common to face minor issues. For any type o errors, customers can stay connected with the Flair airlines helpline number.

Call customer care today!

For making reservations or cancelling the booked tickets, fliers can scroll down the Flair airlines contact details and dial their phone number 1-250-491-5513 or Fax number: +1 250 765 83 97.

For more information about the airline and its services quality, Flair airlines reviews would be of great support. Through the reviews, passengers may know, the service quality offered during the flights along with the feedback of the previous clients. Also, passengers are free to give their own feedbacks, suggestions and complaints, if any.

Enjoy the safe, reliable and economic charter experience with the outstanding services offered by the Flair airlines.

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  1. -
    ambrose whelan

    you are just to hard to get hold off either
    by ph. or e-mail!
    i just wanted to know if you fly
    to halifax either from toronto
    or hamilton in april mary

  2. -
    ambrose whelan

    you are just to hard to get hold off either
    by ph. or e-mail!
    i just wanted to know if you fly
    to halifax either from toronto
    or hamilton in april

    not understanding what i am supposed to correct

  3. -
    ambrose whelan

    i cannot get a hold of you
    either by ph. or e-mail

  4. -

    I don’t understand that you can’t use a debit visa while purchasing a ticket online! Only debit MasterCard? Also I’m trying to call and purchase a ticket seeing that I can’t use my visa debit and you guys are closed at such a rediculous time! Shouldn’t your lines be open at all times of every hour? What if there was an emergency? This is crazy! Not happy at all.

  5. -

    Worst experience ever. Thanks for losing my wife’s luggage and leaving us in the dark for a week. Still no word and our 10 yr anniversary has passed now so having clothes and make up to go out for dinner now is pointless.
    Thanks a lot.
    Will never fly with you again and I will be spreading this over all social media.

    Rating: 1
  6. -
    V Pavlenko

    My name is Pavlenko, Vitaliy. I got a new passport and would like to update my passport number for flying with you.
    New number is 587375061. Exp date is 02 Aug 2028,

  7. -
    Brad Stadnyk

    You guys are impossible to contact. Complete garbage system. If you can’t even be relied upon to communicate about flights I don’t feel you could be relied upon to fly me anywhere safely or on time ether. I fly to and from work twice a month. That’s for 4 flights a months there and back. You just lost my business

  8. -

    These people are scammers they charged me 150$ to change one letter in my name . When i contacted flairair they hsve been receiving numerous complaints about these imposters . Do not call these people all they are is complete con artists . Ive had to cancel my credit card because this is a complete fraud of a company.. STAY AWAY!!!

  9. -
    Baljinder Kaur Gill

    am having trouble to fill my website booking baggage what to do

  10. -
    Jennie mcdougall

    Terrible services have nothing good to say will never book with then again or recommend flying with this airline