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China Eastern Airlines is headquartered in Shanghai with a dedicated and round the clock customer service team to offer assistance to its customers. It was established in the year 1988. The Chinese Airline flies on some of the most traveled domestic, regional and international routes almost all around the globe. Asia, Australia and North America are currently served by Chinese Eastern Airline on a daily basis.

They have a fleet of one of the most advanced aircraft of the world offering world-class comfort and luxury to its flyers. Its policies and procedures are very customer friendly and easy to understand. We will be discussing most of the common policies and procedures below.

How to Make a Reservation with Chinese Eastern Airlines

Chinese Eastern Airlines customer service is active 24 hours a day if you ever wish to make any kind of reservation with them. They have dedicated customer service phone numbers where the Airline can be accessed in case of any problem or query regarding travelling with the airline. There are several ways to make a reservation with the Airline:

  1. Call the Chinese Eastern Airlines phone number: +1-855-635-3039. Their round the clock team will get you connected to their sales department swiftly. 
  2. Visit the official website of China Eastern Airlines. You can make the booking directly from their website conveniently. 
  3. Get in touch with any travel agent authorized to make bookings for China Eastern Airlines. These days, travel agents can offer customized travel plans with great offers and discounts.
  4. Write to China Eastern Airlines customer service and they will get back to you with an appropriate response.

China Eastern Cancellation and Refund Policy

China Eastern offers the flexibility to cancel any travel ticket or flight booking any time before the departure time of the flight.

  • In case of any plan change or inability to catch a flight, a passenger needs to contact the China Eastern Airlines customer service on their official phone number or the travel agent if the booking was made via them.
  • The airline also has a well laid out refund policy in place. In case of any voluntary changes in the ticket or voluntary cancellation by the passenger, Airline might do a partial/full or zero refund depending on the fare rules of the ticket.
  • The policies pertaining to refund and cancellation are dependent on the type of ticket that you have purchased and are generally present in the email which you receive at the time of booking the flight.
  • You need to be well aware of the conditions mentioned therein to avoid any unnecessary charges and penalties.
  • You can cancel an unused flight ticket within 24 hours of booking the same without paying any cancellation charges but only the taxes will be refunded.
  • You can also get a refund for partially used ticket by cancelling the unused part within the stipulated time period.
  • You can make a request for the refund online and it will be made to the original source of payment used at the time of booking the ticket.
  • The refund request should be made within the 13 months of the initial travel date in case of regular tickets and for non-standard tickets, the same request can be made within 13 months of the issuance of the ticket. Once this period ends then no request will be processed.
  • If the cancellation is being done on the ground of personal illness then the same need to be validated with the additional documents from the hospital. In such cases, the companions of the sick passenger can also seek cancellation and refund and no service charge will be applied to it.

The procedure to cancel the China Eastern Airlines flight ticket is mentioned below:

  1. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is open the website of China Eastern Airlines and reach its home page,
  2. There will be a tab called Manage Booking on the home page and you need to click on it,
  3. A new page will open up  and you have to fill up details like Ticket number and your personal details there,
  4. Once you have entered all the required details then you need to click on Manage Booking option,
  5. Then you will be able to reach the desired page, where you just need to follow the instructions and cancel the flight ticket.

If you still face any problem or you have not purchased the ticket online then it is advised to call the airlines customer service to get more precise information regarding the fare rules before cancelling the ticket or apply for a refund. 

China Eastern Airlines Baggage and Check-in Policy

China Eastern Airline offers the facility of online and web check-in prior to 24 hours of the departure time up to 90 minutes before departure. A passenger needs to reach the airport before 60 minutes of the departure time to reserve the seats. 

China Eastern Airlines allows carry-in luggage as well as checked-in luggage facility up to a certain weight. You can read about the baggage rules here: . For any extra baggage which crosses the limits of allowed baggage, the airline charges a certain fee. You can contact the airline customer service on this number to know more about the updated baggage fees and fair prices. 

China Eastern Airlines specialises in offering special assistance services to passengers with special needs and you need to inform the airlines 72 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. You can get a wheelchair assistance, priority-check in, medical clearance, special meals and in-flight assistance. If the passenger has a significant disability then a personal care attendant may be required for their convenience, comfort and safety.

If you still face any issues related to the policies and procedure of the China Eastern Airlines then you can contact the customer service or the Ticket counter at the airport for any further assistance and clarification.

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