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Known as the flight carrier for Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific airlines is amongst one of the best-known airlines or originating out of the East easier peninsula. Servicing over 44 countries and over 180 destinations worldwide, they are definitely the best at what they do.

Founded in the year of 1946, Cathay Pacific airlines have been able to rake in a whole lot of money due to the kind of services that they provide. To book tickets, all you need to do is to call the Cathay Pacific airlines booking number.

The approach by Cathay Pacific airlines in order to gain exposure and increase their servitude to the people is to constantly produce customer satisfaction. To do that, they have 24 hour manned Cathay Pacific airlines customer service number catering to the needs of the customers alone.

Benefits: –

Most of the people willing to travel in luxury and style make use of the Cathay Pacific airlines. Some of their benefits include;

  • Wonderful in-flight entertainment services to those that are in the business or executive class.
  • Excellent cuisine that is catered to the destination and the origin of the airlines.
  • Proper customer satisfaction in which grievances are addressed very fast.
  • It has a range of serving over 44 countries across the world with daily flights.

So, is this it?

If there is a need for you to travel and you can afford to do so with a substantial amount of money, and Cathay Pacific airlines is the way for you to go. With many people coming across problems when travelling to foreign countries, using the Cathay Pacific airlines helpline number would do them good.

For a better understanding on the ticket prices and the booking facilities of Cathay Pacific airlines, you can call the Cathay Pacific airlines phone number.

For Flight Booking Call  –  +1-844-869-8462

Customer Care Link –

Company Website –

More Cathay Pacific Airlines Customer Service Phone Numbers:

CountryToll-Free Number
Bahrain800 04403
India000 800 852 1290
Indonesia001 803 852 2212
Italy800 872 726
Netherlands080 0022 4229
Saudi Arabia800 885 2008
South Africa080 098 1589
Sri Lanka(011) 242 2209
Turkey008 008 529 2219
United Arab Emirates8000 8520 2816
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    piyush agrawal


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    by means of this message I want to inform you that there is a problem for my two grandchildren traveling I want to cancel the reservation of these two minors since the problem that can not travel is presented
    please can you cancel this two

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    I found a ticket i’d like to buy however on one of the arrival times it shows +1, I was wondering why this is?? Could you please let me know asap, would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Scapini Luca

    How can I pay for an excess baggage ? I’ve booked a flight from Madrid to Trinidad (round- trip) and I need to add a baggage. I’ve seen on your website that it’s 100 euros for the third baggage (23Kg). How can I pay for it ? Can I pay before or only at the airport ?
    Please, let me know about it. Thank you

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    Bonnie MacLennan

    Hi , I just noticed that my ticket has my name incorrectly spelled. I leave on Sept. 12, to Rome. It was ordered April 2, 2018.
    Please get back to me ASAP.
    Thank you
    Bonnie Maclennan

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    your no 1800-2332742 is terrible I am holding for 40 minutes no answer.

    Rating: 1
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    Atta Rehman

    we bought ticket but didn’t confirmation mail why ?