British Airways MIA Terminal – Miami International Airport

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  • Concourse E, Central Terminal, 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142, United States

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Are you aware of the fact that British Airways operates in several destinations including Miami? In this location, Miami International Airport is utilized by British Airways. This Airport consists of 3 terminals: North, South, and Central Terminal. Currently, the Central Terminal at Miami Airport is dedicated to British Airways. Concourse E manages the major operations at British Airways Miami Terminal. Here, flyers are facilitated with all essential amenities and services. This terminal ensures a comfortable journey for British Airways Flyers. Furthermore, let’s discuss the British Airlines operations and terminal functioning at Miami International Airport (MIA). 

A Quick Overview of British Airways Terminal in Miami 

When traveling with British Airways to/from Miami, Travelers should know the following details. These details are related to the airline’s terminal and this prior knowledge will help travelers to have a convenient journey:

British Airways Terminal MiamiCentral Terminal
ArrivalsLevel 1, Concourse E, Central Terminal
DeparturesLevel 2, Concourse E, Central Terminal E
Ticket CounterLevel 2, Main Terminal, Concourse E
Ticketing Hours24 Hours
Baggage Claim AreaFirst Level, Central Terminal E
Check-in Counter116 – 124, Concourse E, Terminal E
British Airways Phone Number at Miami Airport+1-800-247-9297
Parking Area for British Airways Flyers at Miami AirportDolphine Garage

What Terminal is British Airways in Miami?

British Airways operates from the Central Terminal at Miami Airport. Specifically, they use Concourse E within this terminal for both their arrival and departure operations. This central location makes it convenient for flyers to navigate to and from British Airways flights. Moreover, this Terminal provided several amenities to flyers during their journey through Miami International Airport.

British Airways Departure Terminal in Miami

For departures, British Airways uses Level 2 of Concourse E in the Central Terminal at Miami Airport. Passengers can find the British Airways check-in counters numbered 116-124 in Terminal E, where they can process their check-ins and drop off luggage.

British Airways Arrival Terminal in Miami

Upon arrival in Miami, British Airways flights dock at Level 1, Concourse E of the Central Terminal. The baggage claim area for British Airways passengers is also located on the First Level of Central Terminal E, making it straightforward for travelers to retrieve their luggage and exit the airport.

British Airways Miami Terminal Map

British Airways Miami Terminal Map

Flyers can easily navigate the British Airways Terminal at Miami International Airport with detailed terminal maps. These maps guide travelers to various facilities, including check-in counters, gates, and lounges, ensuring a hassle-free airport experience. So, they can utilize the following given map while traveling through this terminal:

When to check in for British Airways at Miami Airport?

For British Airways flights at Miami Airport, it’s essential to check in at least 60 minutes before your scheduled departure. The check-in counters close 60 minutes before both domestic and international flights of British Airways at MIA. This timeframe ensures flyers have enough time to complete check-in procedures and go through security. Arriving within this window helps avoid any last-minute rush and ensures a smoother start to the journey. 

NOTE: For check-in-related queries, flyers can connect with the British Airways Office in Miami, Florida

British Airways Ticket Counter at Miami International Airport

The British Airways Ticketing Counter is located at Level 2, Concourse E at Miami Airport. This is the crucial point where a flyer can manage their bookings. A this counter, they can book flight tickets or cancel their tickets if needed. Changes to the booked tickets can be made here with the help of British Airways officials. Moreover, flyers can reach up to them to discuss their travel concerns whenever needed.  

British Airways Baggage Counter at Miami Airport

Flyers resolve their luggage-related queries and issues at the baggage counters. The British Airways Baggage counters are located at 116 to 124, Concourse E at Miami International Airport. Here the guidelines regarding baggage allowance are provided. One can also buy excess baggage allowance in case of extra luggage.  

How much is the baggage allowance for British Airways Terminal at Miami Airport?

At the British Airways Terminal at Miami Airport, the baggage allowance varies depending on the booking and cabin class. Travelers flying via this terminal are allowed to carry luggage as per the airline policy. The Basic Economy Class flyers can carry only cabin and handbag and Economy flyers can carry 1 checked bag up to 23kg.

  • Premium Economy flyers can bring 2 checked bags, each up to 23kg.
  • Business Class travelers are allowed to carry 2 checked bags, each up to 32kg.
  • For the First class, 3 checked bags, each up to 32kg are permitted.
Type of LuggageDimensions 
Hand Bags40cm x 30cm  x 15cm
Cabin Bags56cm x 45cm x 25cm
Checked Baggage90cm x 75cm x 43cm

Ground Transportation at Miami Airport British Airways Terminal

The British Airways Terminal at Miami Airport offers a variety of ground transportation options. Travelers can choose from taxis, shuttles, and car rentals. The pickup points are conveniently located at the ground level of the terminal, facilitating smooth transit to/from British Airways Terminal. 

  • Taxicabs are easily accessible outside the baggage claim area.
    • The minimum charge for a Taxicab is $15 for a ride from MIA.
  • Flyers can use MIA Movers to reach Central Station to take Metrorail or Metrobus.
  • Many rental car companies operate at MIA, including:
    • Enterprise
    • ACE Rent a Car
    • National, etc.

Parking Facility for British Airways Flyers at Miami Airport

For those flying with British Airways from Miami Airport, the Dolphin Garage provides a convenient parking solution. This facility is close to the British Airways terminal, offering easy access and secure parking for travelers, whether for short-term or long-term stays.

  • The garage parking charges start from $2.0 for a period of 20 minutes.
  • Maximum daily rates are applicable after 4 hours which is $25.
  • Payments can be done via cash, credit card, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Shops and Dining Options at British Airways Miami Airport Terminal

For traveler’s convenience, a range of Dining and shopping options are available at British Airways Terminal at Miami International Airport. While waiting for the flight or arriving at the airport, travelers can explore and relax at MIA. Moreover, flyers can explore the airport during a long layover in Miami. Some of the major shops and restaurants are mentioned below: 

Shopping outlets at British Airways Miami Terminal

  • Duty-Free Americas: 2nd Level, Departures, Concourse E, Central Terminal.
  • Havana Collection at MIA: Pre-Security, 2nd Level, Concourse E.
  • Hudson News: Concourse E, Central Terminal 2nd Level.
  • Leather & Co.: Departures Level(2nd), Concourse E, Central Terminal.

Dining options at BA Terminal Miami

  • Subway: It offers great subs and sandwiches 24/7. It is located on the 2nd Level, Concourse E at Central Terminal
  • Maestro Della Pizza: Located near Gate E-7, Central Terminal E opens until 09:30 P.M. from Monday to Sunday. 

Services and amenities offered at BA Miami Terminal 

At the British Airways Miami Terminal, flyers are treated to a range of services and amenities designed for comfort and convenience. From efficient check-in services to comfortable waiting areas, every aspect is tailored to enhance the travel experience. Whether you’re departing or arriving, these amenities contribute to a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience with British Airways in Miami.

  • Communitel Baggage Storage: Flyers can secure their luggage conveniently at Communitel Baggage Storage. It is located in Central Terminal, Concourse E on the 2nd Level Departures.
  • Ice Currency Exchange: Those who need foreign currency can visit the Ice Currency Exchange at Central Terminal, Concourse E – 2nd Level Departures at Miami Airport.
  • WiFi & Internet Access: Flyers can stay connected easily with WiFi & Internet Access available throughout the terminal.
  • Wheelchair Service: For assistance, one can request wheelchair service at any airline ticket counter.
  • U.S. Mail Drop Box: Conveniently send out mail using the U.S. Mail Drop Box Facility. It is located near Door 6, Concourse E, Central Terminal.
  • Tourist Information Center: It is easy to find helpful travel and tourist information throughout the terminal.
  • Smoking Areas: Smoking is permitted in designated areas on Level 1 and Level 2 for travelers’ convenience at Miami Airport.
  • Self-Service Luggage Carts: Travelers are allowed to easily transport their luggage using the Self-Service Luggage Carts available throughout the terminal.
  • Pet Relief Areas: When traveling with pets, utilize the Pet Relief Area on Arrival Level 1, Concourse E.
  • Nursing Suites: Nursing mothers flying with British Airways can find privacy and comfort in the Nursing Suites located post-security in Concourse E, MIA.


The British Airways Terminal at Miami International Airport offers a comprehensive and traveler-friendly experience. With well-organized arrival and departure areas in the Central Terminal, travelers are assured of a smooth journey. The terminal’s diverse dining and shopping options, parking facilities, and ground transportation options, further enhance the travel experience.

What terminal is British Airways in Miami?

British Airways operates from the Central Terminal, Concourse E at Miami International Airport.

Can I travel with a pet at British Airways Terminal Miami International Airport?

Yes, one can travel with a pet at British Airways Terminal Miami International Airport, following airline pet policies.

Which terminal does British Airways arrive at in Miami?

British Airways arrives at Level 1, Concourse E, Central Terminal in Miami.

Does British Airways fly internationally to/from Miami?

Yes, British Airways offers internationally to and from Miami.

Which terminal departs British Airways in Miami?

British Airways departs from Level 2, Concourse E, Central Terminal in Miami.

Can I stay at British Airways Terminal Miami Airport?

Yes, MIA Hotels can be used to stay at British Airways Terminal, Concourse E at MIA Hotel.

Which is the BA arrival terminal at Miami Airport?

BA’s arrival terminal in Miami is Level 1, Concourse E, Central Terminal.

Which is the BA departure terminal at Miami Airport?

BA’s departure terminal in Miami is Level 2, Concourse E, Central Terminal.

Which terminal does BA fly from at Miami Airport?

BA flies from Level 2, Concourse E, Central Terminal at Miami.

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