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Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Would you like to plan an off-lined trip to Mae Hong Son with Bangkok’s top regional airline? If the answer is yes, this article will assist you in solving this problem by dialing the Bangkok Airways Contact Center number . With this toll-free number, you are able to book Bangkok Airways Cheap Flights over the call. No need to take stress, no need to be at the airport counter, and wait for your turn, no need to have an internet connection, you simply need to contact the reservation center and reserve your seats in style. However, be smart and always try to book tickets from official online portals as online mediums will help you to save time and money.

Bangkok Airways operates flights in Cambodia, Thailand, China, India, Hong Kong, and many Asian countries. The airline company is offering one of the best services at a very economical price, the company has gained an immense amount of popularity in Thailand. Bangkok Airways operated its flight from the main base present at Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you are planning to book tickets at the Suvarnabhumi Airport then make sure you are comparing all the available deals and ask the agent to offer you details about the Bangkok Airways Discount and special offers. When you plan a trip with Bangkok Airways be sure, you are getting the best deals at the best price. So keep calm and enjoy the beauty of Mae Hong Son.

Why book Bangkok Airways Cheap Flights?

Many passengers have questions “why to book Bangkok Airways Cheap Flights tickets?” So below are some points which will clear your doubts and you will get the reasons to book the Bangkok Airways Cheap Flights ticket.  


Everyone always wishes to save money. Nobody in this world is okay with ruining the value of money. When you book Bangkok Airways tickets you are able to save 18% more than other competitor airlines.


Why ruin comfort with saving money? Bangkok Airways is one of those air fleets companies that offer comfort at a very reasonable price. With them, you do not need to spend an expensive amount to get the premium benefits.


Why do you need to follow rules and many law clauses to get Bangkok Airways Cheap Flights? Get peace of mind to visit the authorize portals and book tickets in a quick time without encountering the hidden clauses. 


No time boundary, whenever you want you can book your seats. The booking process will go through your paces. You can reserve seats in many ways like- official website, Bangkok Airways mobile app, visit the airport counter, but a more convenient way is to book tickets over the call by contacting the reservation center by dialing the Bangkok Airways Telephone number .


Bangkok Airways is charging one of the lowest baggage fees in both International and National routes. So take your goodies wherever you need or want without thinking of baggage allowance. Spread a smile and melt the expensive total ticket fare with Bangkok Airways.

How to book Bangkok Airways UK via the official app?

Smartphones are what everybody loves nowadays, everyone performs their day to day life activities on smartphones. Bangkok Airways produces an app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the app carries every feature related to the reservation in one application. The procedure for reserving tickets on the Bangkok Airways air fleet is easy, with the use of passenger information like- departure locations, departure time, departure date of the trip with arrival locations, arrival time, arrival date.

The steps are mentioned below that will help you to book Bangkok Airways UK via the official app:-

  1. Open the official website.
  2. Go to the Bangkok Airways official website.
  3. On the home page, click on the log-in tab.
  4. Use the registered login credentials(username, and password) to complete the login phase. 
  5. Enter the departure and arrival information, choose the date, and click on the continue tab.
  6. Review the details and submit the response to visiting the passenger information page.
  7. On the passenger information page, Write down the name of the passenger, age of passenger, the gender of passenger, Nationality of passenger, occupation of passenger, contact number of passenger, email address of passenger, and more information related to the booking. All the information must as per the details mentioned in Passport ID.
  8. Cross-checked the information and confirmed the selection by clicking on the continue tab.
  9. Pay the airfare via MasterCard, Visa Card, PayPal wallets, and many other electronic wallets.
  10. After a successful payment process, visit the registered email address and download your e-ticket for future uses.

Is the booking process via the Bangkok Airways number safe?

Unlike other airlines, Bangkok Airways operates a dedicated team for the booking purpose. If you are dialing authorized Bangkok Airways Telephone number , be sure your entire booking process will be safe and secured. Note that the offline booking service is available throughout the day and you can interact with the travel agent in your native language as the reservation number is accessible in multiple languages including the English, Spanish, and many other languages. The agent will ask you for passenger information and book your tickets comfortably on your behalf. For payment purposes, you can use Debit cards, Credit cards, and PayPal wallets.  

How to cancel the reserved ticket if the ticket is booked at the Bangkok Airways Contact Center?

To cancel the reserved ticket if the ticket is booked at the Bangkok Airways Contact Center, a user needs to follow all the steps that are mentioned below. Before you go through the cancellation steps always remember that if you booked at the official Bangkok Airways Contact Center then only you can perform the cancellation otherwise you are not permitted to do so.

  1. Open the official website.
  2. Go to the Bangkok Airways official website.
  3. On the home page, click on the log in tab.
  4. Use the registered login credentials(username, and password) to complete the login phase. 
  5. Click on the manage my booking tab.
  6. Enter the booking code, and click on the Search tab.
  7. Select the passenger name.
  8. Enter the detailed reason for cancellation.
  9. Confirm the selection, and submit your response by reviewing the selection.
  10. You will be notified on the registered email address about the flight cancellation. 

Note:- The passengers shall be liable for reimbursement if the trip is canceled by the Bangkok Airways. The carrier wouldn’t be able to reimburse after the 24 hours of the booking time period since all the Bangkok Airways tickets are non-refundable after the lapse of the risk-free period. The charge is not refunded to the passenger whether they bought Bangkok Airways Cheap Flights ticket or refundable tickets. No refund to passengers with tickets bought by authorized travel agents.

What is Bangkok Airways Separate Ticket Policy?

According to the Bangkok Airways Separate Ticket Policy, a passenger who is traveling with two separate tickets will be required to manage both bookings individually. The airline will not take care of your baggage and check-in process. You need to maintain the entire journey on your own. This policy is applicable to all the flights that are operated by the Bangkok Airways. Only Bangkok Airways operating flights (PG___) 3 digits and Bangkok Airways Codeshare Partner flights are eligible to complete the check-in.

As per the Bangkok Airways Separate Ticket Policy, the passenger and their luggage shall be reviewed twice, the first time at the departure airport and the second time at the departure airport. If the two tickets are from two airlines, the passengers and baggage shall be checked at the first flight place by Bangkok Airways(if the first destination tickets comes under Bangkok Airways). The passenger receives his or her luggage at the baggage counter and transfers to the next carrier, remember this policy is applicable to both routes International as well as domestic routes.

List Of Bangkok Airways Contact Number Worldwide

Departments/LocationsContact Number
Bangkok Airways Contact In Bangkok1771
Bangkok Airways Fax Number66 (2) 134 3895
Bangkok Airways Email Address[email protected]
Bangkok Airways Head Office1771
Bangkok Airways Head Office Toll-Free Number66 (2) 270 6699
Bangkok Airways Head Office Email Address[email protected]
Bangkok Airways Contact Number Head Office66 (2) 265 5678
Bangkok Airways Chiang Mai Contact Number66 (53) 289 338-9
Bangkok Airways Chiang Mai Fax Number66 (53) 289 340
Bangkok Airways Chiang Mai Email Address[email protected]
Bangkok Airways Chiang Rai66 (53) 793 006
Bangkok Airways Hat Yai66 74 227 424
Bangkok Airways Krabi66 (75) 701 608-9
Bangkok Airways Lampang66 (54) 821 522
Bangkok Airways Mae Hong Son66 (53) 611 – 426
Bangkok Airways Pattaya66 (38) 412 382
Bangkok Airways Phuket66 (76) 225 033-5
Bangkok Airways Samui1771
Bangkok Airways Sukhothai66 (55) 647 224
Bangkok Airways Trat66 (39) 525 767-8
Bangkok Airways Singapore65 6738 0063
Bangkok Airways Mandalay95-2-4036323
Bangkok Airways Nay Pyi Taw95 (0)67-8109054

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Wendy Teeple
Wendy Teeple
5 years ago

Absolutely terrible customer service. I called to possibly change a flight and the person hung up on me. called back to further discuss my flight with a different person and they too hung up on me when I stated I would just cancel my flight!

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