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Air Tahiti Nui is a France based airline operates from its primary hub at Faa’s International airport in French Polynesia, France. The airline connects Tahiti to the outer islands and flying to over 47 islands in French Polynesia and the Cook Islands. The airline destinations include Society Islands, Tuamotu Archipelago, East Tuamotu-Gambier Archipelago, Marquesas Archipelago, Austral Archipelago, and the Cook Islands.

Air Tahiti Nui Booking Fares

Air Tahiti Nui offers different types of fares, including various services in order to meet the different needs. Regardless of the fare type, a welcome drink, one 5 kg carry-on baggage, and an in-flight magazine are included with the ticket.

(Y, S, K, G Class)
(Z Class)
Checked baggage23 kg (50 lb)46 kg (100 lb)
Priority check-inNoYes
Priority boardingNoYes
Ticket change before issuanceNo feesNo fees
Ticket change after issuance without a change in fareNo feesNo fees
Ticket change after issuance with the change to a lower fareRefund of the difference + 20 USD / passenger (adult or child)Refund of the difference + 20 USD / passenger (adult or child)
Ticket change after issuance with the change to a higher farePayment of the difference + 20 USD / passenger (adult or child)Payment of the difference + 20 USD / passenger (adult or child)
30.00 USD for a child
60.00 USD for adult
30.00 USD for a child
60.00 USD for adult
No Show80.00 USD80.00 USD

Air Tahiti Nui Check In

Air Tahiti Nui booking allows several check-in options to make the journey easier and hassle-free. The Air Tahiti Nui check-in option include :

Online – With Air Tahiti Nui online check-in service, one can print the boarding pass from the comfort of their own home. Online check-in opens from 30 hours to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time.

Self-service kiosks – Now passengers can save time at the airport with Air Tahiti Nui self-service check-in kiosks that allow check-in from 12 hours to 1 hour prior to the scheduled flight departure.

Check-in desk – In case if passengers need special assistance or not eligible for online check-in, passengers can approach Air Tahiti Nui airport desk at least 90 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure time.

Air Tahiti Nui Baggage Policy

Checked Baggage – With Air Tahiti Nui, the checked baggage is free of charge irrespective of the class of service booked. In economy class, one checked bag up to 23 kg is allowed and must not exceed 150 x 150 x 150 cm in dimension. In Business Class, the maximum weight limited to include a maximum of 46 kg.

Carry-on Baggage – Air Tahiti Nui allows one carry-on bag up to 5 kg for free and must not exceed 45 x 35 x 20 cm in dimension. There is no charge for carrying hand luggage, regardless of travel class purchased.

Air Tahiti Nui Customer Service Number

Do you want to book Air Tahiti Nui booking at the discounted fares? Now discover the network of 47 islands and archipelago at the most affordable price with us. Give us a call at our Air Tahiti Nui phone number USA at to get a discounted reservation with Air Tahiti Nui. With our latest holiday offer, passengers can save up to 40 percent on their new Air Tahiti Nui booking. Call us to know more!

We at Air Tahiti Nui booking desk do not charge any additional service fee from the passenger. We offer airline ticket booking at the exact price or at a lower cost compared to the online websites.

Air Tahiti Nui – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know that my Air Tahiti Nui booking has been confirmed and paid for?
Once the passenger booked the ticket online, they will receive an email confirmation with the receipt and e-ticket from Air Tahiti Nui. Passengers will receive an online confirmation when the transaction is authenticated and successful.

Can I book Air Tahiti Nui reservations for multiple destinations?
Air Tahiti Nui offers a range of destinations. Passengers have the ability to book online a non-stop or connecting flight with multiple destinations. If passengers need to plan a travel itinerary with a long stopover, feel free to reach our Air Tahiti Nui phone number at .

While I do Air Tahiti Nui booking online, is my credit card information secured?
The information which is given by the passenger online on the Air Tahiti Nui reservation website is treated securely and protected by using the internationally accepted and industry standard powerful encryption technology (256-bit secure socket layer SSL). Passengers must ensure to bring the credit card used to purchase the ticket at the time of check-in for authentication.

What happens to my seat or meal request in case of a date change with Air Tahiti Nui?
When any passenger changes the travel date it automatically affects the special requests.

Seat selection – The seat that passengers have requested on the original date may not be available anymore, there our support desk will help passengers book a new seat.

Meal request – Passenger’s meal request will be re-ordered for a new date, hence no changes would be made to that.

How do I change or cancel my Air Tahiti Nui booking?
To change or cancel Air Tahiti Nui reservation, passengers need to contact Air Tahiti Nui reservations phone number at . The change depends on the fare purchased as it may vary between 100 – 400 USD, depending on the flexibility of the airfare.

Air Tahiti Nui has a range of airfares that offers more flexibility. After the ticket has been issued, fees may apply for any changes. When any fare is not available, a fare readjustment will be done with the higher class of service fare.

What special meals are offered by Air Tahiti Nui?
Air Tahiti Nui offers a selection of 19 special meals and must be requested at the latest 48 hours before scheduled travel. The airlines do not serve allergen meals. The airline offers the meal service free of charge.

List of Air Tahiti Nui Contact Number Worldwide

Departments/LocationsContact Number
Air Tahiti Nui Reservation En Ligne
Air Tahiti Nui Booking
Air Tahiti Nui Contact Number In UK+44(208)0402681
Air Tahiti Nui Email Address In
Air Tahiti Nui French Polynesia(689) 40 476 787
Air Tahiti Nui Baggage Service In French Polynesia(689) 40 86 42 21
Air Tahiti Nui North America Reservations(877) 824-4846
Air Tahiti Nui Baggage Service In North America(310) 258 9913 ext. 25
Air Tahiti Nui Booking In Brazil(+5511) 3106 3295
Air Tahiti Nui Mexico52 (55) 55 96 35 50
Air Tahiti Nui Chile56 22 2433 1356
Air Tahiti Nui Switzerland(41) 44 286 99 55
Air Tahiti Nui Switzerland Email
Air Tahiti Nui Belgium0825 02 42 02
Air Tahiti Nui Austria43 (0) 1 585 36 31 55
Air Tahiti Nui Germany(49) 01805 40 85 85 74
Air Tahiti Nui Italy(39) 02 43 45 83 89
Air Tahiti Nui Spain & Portugal(34) 93 013 07 17
Air Tahiti Nui Japan(81) 3 6267 1177
Air Tahiti Nui Taiwan(886) 2 8161 3406
Air Tahiti Nui Korea(82) 2 6956 3886
Air Tahiti Nui China(8610) 65026797
Air Tahiti Nui Hong Kong(852) 2926 2030
Air Tahiti Nui New Zealand64 (9) 869 6840
Air Tahiti Nui Australia61 (2) 906 189 09
Air Tahiti Nui Russia7 495 641 51 21
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