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Headquartered in Kochi in India, the Air India express airlines happen to be a low-cost carrier that is a subsidiary of the bigger airlines, air India. It operates around 550 flights which also go to 29 destinations which include places in the Middle East as well as the Southeast Asia.

Commencing operations in the year of 2005, Air India express airlines have been at the top of all affairs, providing excellent services to the people that need to travel within a budget. To get a better idea on the ticket booking prices, you can call the Air India express airlines booking number.

Benefits: –

Travelling through any Indian airlines may seem to be a big problem. So, in case you face any problems, you can call the Air India express airlines helpline to sort out your issues. Some of the benefits include;

  • 24/7 manned Air India express airlines customer service number to take care of all issues that you might have while travelling with the airlines.
  • Essential cuisine which are normally feature Indian food that can be easily palatable by people from various parts of the world.
  • Online portal for booking your tickets and proper diagnosis for problems relating to it.
  • Has a track record of a pretty low amount of accidents during their lifetime.

So, should you go for it?

Air India express airlines have been at the forefront of revolution when it comes to travelling for the Indian folks. For a better perspective about understanding the pains of travelling through India, you can use this airline. They have an excellent roster of flights that goes through various destinations.

To get details on your travel plans and how you intend to travel within India, you can call the Air India express airlines phone number.

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