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Canada, the land of snow-covered mountains and maple syrup is home to some jaw-dropping natural beauty and landscapes. It is actually called the Big White North fondly. For Air Canada Bookings and reservations you can avail various offers from various airlines and third-party vendors.

We all know that one of the most stressful parts about planning a trip is to make reservations. The Air Canada Reservations and Booking office will help you out in your endeavor. Apart from the booking office, we will provide you a number of ways that you can use to make your Air Canada booking easier.

Let’s Take A Look At The Difference Ways To Book Your Air Canada Tickets.

Take the help of the Internet

In this day and age, the Internet is your best friend. You can visit a plethora of sites that will help you make an Air Canada Flight booking. You are advised to visit a number of sites and check out their pros and cons before making a purchase. As the options are endless, take your pick with caution.

Consult an Expert

These days, the world is full of Travel Curators. Apart from planning your whole itinerary, they will also take care of your traveling needs. The main advantage of using travel curators is that they have in-depth knowledge of various popular destinations and will be able to answer all your questions. They usually have existing relationships with various ticket providers and might even be able to get you a discount.

Ask the advice of your peers

If you have friends or family who stay or frequently visit a place that you are about to visit then you can ask their opinion. Chances are that they will know more than a thing or two. They will be able to share their personal experiences and will also help you make a rational decision. So go ahead and make full use of your social network.

Read a lot of reviews

If you want to make your Air Canada Seat Reservation process a breeze then it is highly recommended that you should go through a lot of reviews about Air Canada. Some might be positive and some might be negative it’s up to you to sift through everything and find gold. As most of these reviews are written by people who have actually flown Air Canada, you can benefit from their experience.

Call The Air-Canada Officials

You can also call up the Air Canada Officials if you want to book your ticket in a hassle-free way. The executives manning the line are trained to answer any questions that you might throw at them. This Air Canada Reservation is active 24*7.

Avoid flying during holidays and peak season

If you are able to plan your travel well in advance then you always avoid the holiday and peak season. The law of supply and demand applies here. As the demand for the tickets increases the airlines jack up the price. You can save a lot of money if don’t travel during those times.

Just follow the above-mentioned simple steps and make your Air Canada Reservation and Booking process easier than ever.

Some FAQs about Air Canada

What is the Baggage Policy followed by Air Canada?

If you are an economy class traveler then the maximum weight that you carry is 23kgs and the maximum dimension is 62in. Only one carry on baggage is allowed per customer in economy class.

If you are a Business class traveler then you can carry two pieces of carrying on luggage. The max weight that you can carry is kgs. When making your Air Canada Flight Booking please confirm with the airline regarding the baggage allowance on your ticket. Details About Air Canada Baggage Policy

Which are the biggest Airports in all of Canada?

The person airport is considered the biggest airport in all of Canada. The reason for this is its close proximity to the Toronto airport. The Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport is an airport that is very popular in the Montreal region. Atlin airport is quite famous in the British Columbia region.

Air Canada Policy for Children who are flying without adult supervision:

If your child is flying Air Canada alone, even then you should not be worried about his security. Not only are you getting a cheap ticket but you are also getting peace of mind. The Air Canada crew will take the utmost care of your child.

What are the discounts that I can get?

If you are making Air Canada reservations, then you might snag a lot of discounts. Air Canada offers round-the-year sales and you might save a lot if you are lucky. You should also take advantage of special discounts that come up during the holiday season.

Can I get a full refund for my ticket?

Your ability to get a full refund depends on the kind of ticket that you have bought. If you are trying to get your ticket refunded 24 hours before the departure of the plane then you might get zero refund. In case of medical emergencies, Air Canada might consider your request, and issue a full refund.

What if I forget my passport?

We are making it very clear, you can’t travel internationally if you are not carrying your passport. Local air travel might be possible if you are carrying your id proof.

As you can see, we have mentioned various ways that you can choose for making Air Canada reservations. Don’t forget to call the Air Canada Reservations number if you need telephonic assistance.

All this has been possible only because of the efforts that have been put by Air Canada. If you always look for excellence then Air Canada should be your last stop.

Air Canada Baggage Policy

Luggage is essential to carry, but every Airlines has certain rules regarding that. Air Canada has the following fixed standards:

Air Canada Checked in Baggage Allowance: The maximum weight of the luggage can be 23 kg per head. The maximum total dimension per bag can be 62 inches.

Air Canada Carry on Allowance: One cabin bag that weighs 10 kg and not more than that.

Air Canada Carry-on Baggage for Infants: If a passenger is travelling with an infant below 2 years of age on the lap, he/she is permitted to carry an additional item for the infant essentials stuff.

Air Canada Carry on Prohibited items: the following items are restricted,

  • Firearms
  • Fireworks
  • Compressed gas cylinders.

Air Canada Baggage Fees:

If the baggage of passengers traveling by Air Canada exceeds more than the above-mentioned limits, they will charge you a fee on per kilo extra luggage. Following are the charges for extra luggage:

Within Canada, or between Canada and the US, Economy:

  • 1st bag: 30$
  • 2nd bag: 50$
  • Each additional bag: 100$

Other International travel, Economy:

  • 1st bag: Free
  • 2nd bag: Maximum 100$
  • Overweight Bag: Maximum 100$.

Air Canada Check In Options

The Air Canada Check-in provides 2 options for the check-in: One can go for online web check-in to avoid the queue. In the case of counter check in one needs to reach the Airport ticket counter from 30 minutes to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Air Canada Airlines Contact Details

Customer ServicePhone Details
Air Canada General Inquiries888-247-2262
Air Canada Baggage8886892247
Air Canada General Inquiries (TTY)800-361-8071
Air Canada Group Booking800-361-7585
Air Canada Gift Card855-281-1761

Air Canada International Customer Service Phone Details

Air Canada Hong Kong SAR China800906519
Air Canada Spain900935265
Air Canada Belize18000131477
Air Canada Algeria0 982 402372
Air Canada Uruguay000-405210083
Air Canada New Zealand0508-747-767
Air Canada Japan0570-014-787
Air Canada Guadeloupe0590 21 12 77
Air Canada Taiwan,China080 909 9101
Air Canada Belgium0800 70422- 24
Air Canada Argentina0800-444-2007
Air Canada Peru0800-52-073
Air Canada France0825-880-881
Air Canada Switzerland0848-247-226
Air Canada Australia1 800 954 196
Air Canada Columbia1 800-952-0337
Air Canada Puerto Rico1 877 321 0173
Air Canada Bermuda1-441-293-1777
Air Canada Egypt1-514-393-3333
Air Canada Ecuador1-800-010135
Air Canada Jamaica1-800-677-2485
Air Canada Mexico1-800-719-2827
Air Canada Cayman Islands1-800-744-1112
Air Canada Turks&Caicos1-866-931-2012
Air Canada Dominican Republic1-888-760-0020
Air Canada Kenya254-711-082-777
Air Canada Tanzania254-711-082-777
Air Canada Botswana27-11-463-1147
Air Canada Namibia27-11-463-1147
Air Canada Cyprus357-2286-9769
Air Canada Hungary36 1 235 6008
Air Canada Croatia385 1 6666 926
Air Canada Malta39-06-6501-1462
Air Canada Italy39.06.8351.4955
Air Canada China(Beijing)400 1122 776
Air Canada Czech Republic420 234 723 265
Air Canada Bulgaria48-22-696-85-21
Air Canada Austria49-69-27115-111
Air Canada Haiti509-2810-5857
Air Canada Antigua514-393-3333
Air Canada St.Maarten52-55-9138-0280
Air Canada Cuba537-8363226
Air Canada Brazil55-11-3254-6630
Air Canada Malaysia60-3-2715-2053
Air Canada Indonesia62 21 295 33 366
Air Canada Philippins63-2-737-9710
Air Canada Thailand66-2-718-1839
Air Canada Russia7-495-771-6471
Air Canada Morocco800 092303
Air Canada Greece800 1612 2040 038
Air Canada Denmark800 669 92222
Air Canada Costa Rica800-052-1988
Air Canada Venezuela800-100-4918
Air Canada Chile800-400-142
Air Canada Aruba800-744-2472
Air Canada Vietnam84-28-6258-5611
Air Canada Barbados866-913-9517
Air Canada Turkey90 212 2497430
Air Canada India91-11-4717-2900
Air Canada Pakistan92-21-356-77395
Air Canada Sri Lanka94-11-547-4747
Air Canada Lebanon961-1-811690
Air Canada Saudi Arabia966-920002185
Air Canada United Arab Emirates971-4-2112-537
Air Canada Israel972-3-607-2111
Air Canada Bahrain973-17-828772

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Joan Drake
Joan Drake
4 years ago

We are looking forward to our first flights with Air Canada, going to Toronto and on to Regina in early July This is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Saskatchewan flag, designed by husband Anthony Drake. Can’t wait to see how you treat us. West jet did us proud when we flew with them.

Cynthia L. Bryan Robert G. Bryan
Cynthia L. Bryan Robert G. Bryan
5 years ago

We are scheduled to fly out of Pittsburgh, Pa at 7 A. M. on January 14. 2019 to St. Petersburg/Clearwater airport this is flight 1400 arrive there at 9;21 A. M. Seats 16-d and E. We do return January28th-Flight 1401 leaves Fl. 10;01 A. M. arrive Pittsburgh 12;21 P. M. My question is why us computer still saying returning 1/25/19. Also, I know you got some better rates goin g today on Cyber Monday. Can we get as better rate and I cannot get a hold of anyone on your number. It’s unreal on hold for 45 minutes and no one still picked up. Could you please call me at my cell, 724-610-8696 or my home number is 724-744-3478. Thank you, Cindy Bryan

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