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Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

In 1986, the Air Aruba was founded as the national carrier of Aruba. The three CEOs control the airline, and they are- Tawa Irausquin, Henri Coffie, and Peter Look Hong. In the earlier days, the airline offers exclusive deals to encourage youth air travelers. The airline was headquartered in Oranjestad, Aruba, and during the initial days, the Air Aruba provided services to 27 destinations by 22 aircraft. The airline shut down its facilities in the year 2000 and declared bankruptcy. Before 2000, Air Aruba helped the Arubans to get connected with the world; they were operating flight services to various islands, European cities.

How to gain the Aruba Air Tickets via the official website?

To gain the Aruba Air Tickets via the official website, you need to follow the below instructions:-

  • Open your web browser and visit the official website.
  • Choose the booking option and select the departure date, departure airport city, arrival airport city from the available dropdown. 
  • Press the Book icon and proceed to the passenger information page.
  • On the passenger information page, you need to enter the Name, Age, Address, Occupation, Email Address, Contact Number, Add bags, purchase in-flight services, select the cabin seat, and fill all other required boxes.
  • Review the input and click on the continue tab to proceed to the payment page.
  • Pay the airfare and gain the Aruba Air E-Tickets on the registered ID. The best part about online booking is that you do not need to pay anything extra for this, and you can access the Aruba Air Tickets by visiting the booking section.

How to Get the Cheap Air Tickets To Aruba?

  1. Scheduled tickets from the official portals. Like the agency that is authorized by the airline.
  2. Use promo codes to get the Cheap Air Tickets To Aruba.
  3. Short of finance, then go for the promotional tickets instead of super economy or business class tickets.
  4. Pay the total airfare in the EMIs scheme. 
  5. Gain ticket by calling on the official Air Aruba Phone Number
  6. To obtain the Cheap Air Tickets To Aruba, always look for the cashback deals. 

What is the Air Aruba Baggage?

  • According to the Air Aruba Baggage Policy, a passenger can carry one handbag as the carry-on bag. The weight of the container must be within 8kg. 
  • The dimensions of the carry-on bag should be 50 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm(L X B X H). The dimension of the bag includes handles and wheels.
  • As per the Air Aruba Baggage Policy, a passenger can carry a laptop, coat, or any personal item free of cost. The weight of individual items must not exceed 2 kgs in total.
  • According to the Air Aruba Baggage Policy, a passenger can carry one bag as the checked bag. For carrying one bag, the passenger does not need to pay any Air Aruba Baggage fees. The maximum weight of the bag must not exceed 23 kg. 

How to find the official Air Aruba Phone Number? 

  • Open the Air Aruba website.
  • On the homepage, find the contact us tab and tap on it. Sometimes you may need to complete the login process.
  • On the Contact Us section, find the Air Aruba Phone Number and note it for future use.

What are the documents needed to complete the Air Aruba check-in process?

The following documents needed to complete the Air Aruba check-in process:-

  • Confirmation code
  • Ticket Number
  • Passport ID
  • Government-authorized documents
  • Passenger name(includes family’s name)

How to perform the cancellation process via the Air Aruba Phone Number?

Follow the below instructions, and cancel your scheduled ticket via the Air Aruba Phone Number:- 

  • Dial the Air Aruba Phone Number and get connected to the customer service representative.
  • The system will ask you to choose a preferred language for interaction purposes.
  • The Agent will assist you, and to initiate the Air Aruba cancellation process, you will need to provide some personal and travel-related information:- cancellation reason, name of the passenger, date of journey, ticket number or confirmation code, passport number, and all other required documents.
  • The expert executive will enter the following details and look for the Air Aruba cancellation policy. Then the agent will check the system and calculate the cancellation fee. The agent will send you a link to pay the cancellation fees, pay the fee, and gain your refund. The refund amount will be transferred to your account within 20 business days. 


  • You will be required to pay additional service or communications fees, apart from cancelation fees, when you cancel the scheduled tickets using Air Aruba Phone Number
  • All passengers who paid the ticket cost using the Credit Card will gain a refund within the next seven days from the requested date.
  • For saving service fees, always consider canceling the scheduled tickets via the official website or mobile app. 

Does the Air Aruba Contact number of Curacao support the English Language?

Yes. The Air Aruba Contact number of Curacao supports the English Language. Not just that, but the number is even accessible in several languages, to have a friendly contact climate, the airline has employed local people to provide customer services. Now, you do not need to wait or hesitate, dial the Air Aruba Contact number of Curacao and gain solutions whenever required.

Does the Air Aruba offer flights to Panama City?

Yes. Air Aruba offers flight services to Panama City. The reservation process is available throughout the day, dial the Air Aruba Phone Number , ask the agent to offer the seats in the Air Aruba flights to Panama, pay the airfare, and gain your ticket on your authorized ID

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