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Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

Aeromexico is one of the most sought after airlines in all of Mexico. The reason for this is that they provide such services that no other airline can match them. Aeromexico customer service has won numerous awards and accolades. If you are someone who likes to fly in class then you should definitely try for an Aeromexico Reservations done at least once

Let’s take a look at some simple tricks that you can use to book a cheap Aeromexico flight:-

Dial The Aeromexico Phone Number +52 (55) 5133 4000

The easiest way to make an Aeromexico reservations is to dial the AeroMexico telefono. Aeromexico can be reached . The wait time on the line is non-existent as it is manned by a team of customer service agents throughout the day. There is another great news for customers, the phone number is operational throughout the year and even during the holidays. You will get all the information that you need if you will contact the Aeromexico helpline.

Book via Travel Agency

If you are a little tech-savvy then you can save quite a bit of cash while making Aeromexico reservations. You can visit aggregator websites as they will provide you all the available options and you will be able to have your pick. This method is blazingly fast as it provides you hundreds of options from the available data. As there are quite a few aggregator websites, we suggest that you should read their reviews before making a purchase.

Ask around

Another great way to save some dough while making a reservation is to ask your friends and relatives for advice. Chance is someone or the other must have made an Aeromexico airlines reservations. They can give you a first-hand experience about how good or bad an airline is. There is also the trust factor, people are more inclined to believe their peers rather than go by what others are saying. So go ahead, ask around and make an informed decision.

Take advantage of discounts and offers

If you are able to get discounts on your Aeromexico reservations then there is nothing better than that. Year-round airlines come up with various offers in order to boost their sales. If you will wait for the right moment then you can get your tickets for quite. Usually, airlines come up with promotional offers during the winter months and during the holiday season. You just have to be a little patient and you will be able to get your ticket for quite cheap.


What are the various facilities offered by Aeromexico?

If you have made an Aeromexico reservations then you are in for a treat. You will get access to fast internet and comfortable seats. If you are flying Business class then you will also be served exotic cocktails. Our menu has been designed by award-winning chefs and you will get delectable dishes to make your flying experience truly out of this world. You can also watch a selection of very good movies to pass the time.

Where are the major hubs of AeroMexico?

Aeromexico out of all major airports in Mexico. As they have access to all major airports, flying on an international or domestic route becomes quite easy. Their main hub is considered the terminal number 2 of the Mexico City international airport. You can catch flights to major cities like Cancun and other regions.

What is the Baggage Policy followed by Aeromexico?

The Aeromexico reservations and baggage policy is:-

For basic fare(class 4) only a carry on is allowed free of charge and you will have to pay extra for the checked-in bag. The weight of both the bags should not be more than 8kgs The weight of the checked-in baggage should not be more than 25 kgs. If the weight of all the bags is more than 41 kgs then the luggage will not be allowed. For other details, you are requested to contact the airlines directly.

What is the cancelation policy followed by Aeromexico?

If you have canceled the ticket within 24 hours of booking then no cancellation fee will be charged. If you are canceling after the 24-hour mark then you will have to pay a nominal amount as a cancelation fee. If you are canceling 7 days prior to the departure then only you will not be charged anything for the cancelation of the reservation

What are the major cities that Aeromexico flies to?

All the major cities are covered by Aeromexico especially in the North and South America regions. They have regular flight cities like New York and Los Angeles in the USA and they also cover all the major cities in Mexico. So go ahead, get an Aeromexico reservations done asap.

What is the Aeromexico policy regarding children and pets?

If your child is between 5-13 years then he will be treated as an unaccompanied minor and the airport authorities will provide assistance to them. If your child’s age is between 13-17 years then he will not be treated as an unaccompanied minor but you can still take the assistance of the airport personnel. This facility is available to everyone who has made an aeromexico reservations. 

We have tried to provide you all the information regarding Aeromexico reservations but if you need more assistance then please feel free to reach out to us and we will provide you all the information that you require. Thank you and happy flying.

List Of Aeromexico Airlines Worldwide Contact Number

Customer Service

Phone Number

Aeromexico Airlines Inquiry (Whatsapp only)

521 55 5133 4000

Aeromexico Airlines Sales


Aeromexico Airlines Group Booking


Aeromexico With You


Aeromexico Airlines Mexican Republic (Landline)

0155- 5133-4000

Aeromexico Airlines International Customer Service Phone Numbers

Aeromexico Airlines Panama


Aeromexico Airlines Canada


Aeromexico Airlines Cuba

(07) 830 9528 & (07) 831 6015

Aeromexico Airlines Japan

0 570 783 057

Aeromexico Airlines Costa Rica

0 800 052 1447

Aeromexico Airlines Peru

0 800 53407

Aeromexico Airlines Argentina

0 800 888 2276

Aeromexico Airlines Brazil

0 800 891 7512

Aeromexico Airlines France

0 800 916 754

Aeromexico Airlines United Kingdom

0 800 9775 533

Aeromexico Airlines Nicaragua

001 800 2260294

Aeromexico Airlines Colombia

01 800 952 0533

Aeromexico Airlines China

021 6089 99 85

Aeromexico Airlines Netherlands

0800 0224008

Aeromexico Airlines Ecuador

1 800 000 227

Aeromexico Airlines Guatemala

1 800 835 0269

Aeromexico Airlines Ireland

1 800 855 474

Aeromexico Airlines Chile

225 99 4378

Aeromexico Airlines Honduras

800 2791 9025

Aeromexico Airlines El Salvador

800 61 05

Aeromexico Airlines Spain

900 995 282

Aeromexico Airlines Economy Class Reviews

Aeromexico Airlines First Class Review

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