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  • Do NOT CALL THIS NUMBER. This is a SCAM, some Indian guys will respond and want to get control of your computer!

  • Laura Corrales says:

    My husband shared with me all the business in wave apps, so we have 11 business working good, in one of the business we control the expenses we use only one credit card for this 11 business, i always put each expense in the business that i need (move to…) but recently he shared with me a new business but when im trying to pass the expense to this new business i can’t find it in the list. I don’t know if ca i fix it.


  • Atul Pachisia says:

    Wave Account not working properly. Showing server Issue.

  • Liezel Liebenberg says:

    Hi there

    I need some help please and I am not getting any response on the online community page.

    My friend initially added me as a collaborator on his account with my email address liezel@paperhorse.co.za. Then he deleted me off it and I set up my own account. But I could not sign up with my liezel@paperhorse.co.za, so I signed in with my gmail address, liezellie@gmail.com.
    Now I would like to add my Paper Horse email email to my account but it says that this account aready exists (even though I was removed as a collaborator).
    The Paper Horse is my work email so I really need to add that to my Wave account for estimates and invoicing.

    Is there a way you could you remove my existing liezel@paperhorse.co.za account that supposedly exists so that I can add it to my current Wave account and use it as the primary address?

    Your help will be much appreciated!!

    Kind regards

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