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    Liezel Liebenberg

    Hi there

    I need some help please and I am not getting any response on the online community page.

    My friend initially added me as a collaborator on his account with my email address [email protected]. Then he deleted me off it and I set up my own account. But I could not sign up with my [email protected], so I signed in with my gmail address, [email protected].
    Now I would like to add my Paper Horse email email to my account but it says that this account aready exists (even though I was removed as a collaborator).
    The Paper Horse is my work email so I really need to add that to my Wave account for estimates and invoicing.

    Is there a way you could you remove my existing [email protected] account that supposedly exists so that I can add it to my current Wave account and use it as the primary address?

    Your help will be much appreciated!!

    Kind regards

    Rating: 5
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    Atul Pachisia

    Wave Account not working properly. Showing server Issue.