Established in 2012 in Dallas, Texas, AT&T Digital Life is a global provider of home security systems for homes, apartments, and small businesses. With an all-digital, completely wireless home security system and 24/7 professional monitoring by security experts, AT&T Digital Life provides its customers the flexibility to secure and manage their homes from just about anywhere, while allowing them to stay connected with their loved ones at all times.

AT&T Digital Life home security system consists of a home security and automation equipment, an intuitive app for hassle-free control, and round-the-clock professional monitoring by AT&T security experts who can be easily reached at AT&T Digital Life helpline number +1-800-637-6126. Users can easily arm, disarm, and control the AT&T Digital Life security system remotely as well as choose to include or exclude various premium home security and automation features like thermostat and lighting control, video monitoring, remote door locks and control, fire and water level detection, and more through different digital life packages and options available.

Why AT&T Digital Life home security?

Here are some of the biggest reasons why customers choose AT&T Digital Life over other home security brands:

  • Comprehensive security and home automation
  • 24/7 professionally monitored homes
  • Effortless remote access and control
  • Smart windows and door sensors
  • Motion and glass break sensors
  • Indoor sirens and smart plugs
  • Customizable home security and automation packages

Well, that’s not all. AT&T also provides you complete help and support through various AT&T support centers. All you have to do is to dial AT&T Digital Life phone number +1-800-637-6126, get in touch with AT&T customer care executives, explain them your problem, and get instant resolution for all your issues. Their customer care support team that has been well trained to provide maximum support for efficient problem solving. They can also help you install, update and upgrade your home security device for best performance.

Need help?

Want to secure your home and loved ones? Get in touch with AT&T security experts by dialing AT&T Digital Life customer service number +1-800-637-6126 to know more about their product and services. Choose the level of security that’s right for you and create a home that’s completely safe and secure from all kind of threats. You can also dial AT&T Digital Life 1800 number +1-800-637-6126 to get your free quote or book a free in-home consultation by AT&T security experts. For best results, call AT&T Home Security today!