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  • James Zagorski says:

    Datarealm hosted my business and families’ email for probably a decade, if not more.

    In November 2018, we were unable to login to our email accounts. A ticket to Datarealm was opened indicating an issue with the mail server. I am thinking, well that is fine. Take the backup email data and load it on a new server.

    After two months of being told my emails would be recovered, my family and business emails of a decade or so was lost. So, I contacted the customer listed on Datarealms web site to see if they had similar experience, also warning them the Datarealm may not be following industry standard data backup procedures.

    The next day, my accounts were canceled and I received this email message:


    We have contacted our lawyer to send a cease and desist on contacting our clients. We have the right to cancel the account for this and I have suspended all accounts until we get advice from our lawyer.

    Robert Fraser
    DataRealm Technical Support Manager
    Support Number ******6497

    So use Datarealm at your own risk.

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