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Epic Phone Number

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  • Bob Garcia says:

    I just updated to Version 71.0.3578.98 and after the update the Dictionary stopped functioning. It continues to underline misspelt words but no longer offers replacement spellings. Also the Toll Free Support number does not work

  • Misha LittleCrow says:

    Does Epic browser have a menu bar similar to Firefox. ALSO, does Kaspersky work with Epic? Rating: 4

  • Gloria Toole says:

    On my EPIC browser… Just prior to that, when I got to the sign on page, Tutanota just would not open. But now, anything related to Tutanota appears for only a second then is kicked off.
    I generally use Epic because of not being tracked.

    It’s not my firewall. Tutanota still opens on both Firefox and Explorer.

    Any ideas? Thank you. Gloria Toole

  • Hi …. I installed Epic browser about a week ago. I am very happy with the browser except for one issue. It keeps reverting back to the previous page I was on before, even thought I closed that page. Can you please let me know how to overcome this problem.
    Looking forward to your reply
    Thank you

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