If you are looking for a affordable TV series with excellent image quality, rich colors and accurate contrast then Roku TV is the perfect choice for you. It is the best TV platform available with a simple interface and supports extensive streaming apps. They are easy to set-up thanks to the on screen tutorial that shows you how to use the remote and how to use the TV interface.

What you would love about Roku TV is the underlying software used in the TV. The software is extremely fast and responsive, and is more than capable of helping you find something to watch on your TV. And all the devices that are connected are shown on home screen of the TV like an app. That way you don’t have to manually switch from one mode to another, to check which of the devices are connected to your set. All you have to do is select the app from the menu and TV automatically shifts to the connection you have selected. And when you add a standalone Roku player to your TV, you can use a single remote control to control the functions for both the TV and Roku player.

Roku TV is packed with some awesome features and we shall be highlighting some of the features they provide

1. Search for your favorite movies or TV shows across top channels available – all you have to do is to search by a movie title or actor or the director name you want to watch. The software searches from where you want to stream your movies for free (if you are subscribed to Netflix and the movie is available) or at the cheapest rates (drop down list of all top channels streaming the movie with the cost of renting the movie)

2. Use your voice to search for a movie or show – just say the title of the movie/TV show into your Roku TV remote or the Roku mobile App and it automatically searches and display the results on the main screen. You can also use your voice to change the channels and switch inputs.

3. Watch more – when you are watching a TV series on antenna, cable or satellite, the TV software will automatically show you where you can watch more episodes from all streaming channels.

4. Pause a live TV – you can pause any live TV shows and playback and watch without missing any part of your favorite shows. All you have to do is connect a flash drive with a minimum space of 16GB space or more to your Roku TV.

5. The Free Roku Mobile app- Download the free Roku Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play for your iOS and Android devices. And make you mobile device into a Roku TV remote control with keyboard features. You can also connect headphones to your mobile device so that you can listen to it as loud as u want and not disturbing anyone at your home.

Roku TV customer Service Number
There can be a lot of simple issues that you might be facing while setting up your Roku TV. They may be a no audio coming from the TV set or you are not able to connect to your home network/internet or about activating your Roku TV streaming device, etc. For all the issues that you are facing, simply call the Roku TV customer service toll free phone number at +1-877-250-4522 and get all your concerns resolved. The technical support team is well trained to handle all this kind of issue and is eagerly waiting for your call to help you. It can be really frustrating when you are watching your favorite shows late at night and the Roku TV suddenly shuts down and you see that there is a no video or a network connection issue. That is why the Roku TV customer service toll free phone number is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to always assist you.

Roku TV Customer Service Phone Number – +1-877-250-4522
Roku TV Customer Service Email Address – accessibility@roku.com
Roku TV Websitehttps://www.roku.com/index