A powerhouse of entertainment, Netflix needs no introduction. It is the world’s leading Internet television network company based out of California, USA. Netflix has over 117 million subscribers in over 190 countries enjoying more than 125 million hours of live TV shows, movies, original series, and documentaries per day. Its mobile application delivers the best entertainment experience anytime, anywhere. Netflix allows all its premium members to watch what they want and as much as they want on nearly any Internet-connected screen – All without commercials, contracts, or commitments.

Netflix gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite shows on your schedule. Simply connect Netflix to your favorite device – TV, media players, gaming consoles, laptops, smartphones – and binge on world’s best entertainment whether at home or on the go!

Being the best in business, Netflix offers exceptional customer support to all its subscribers. Users can call Netflix customer service number and get instant answers to all their queries and issues. No waiting and absolutely no downtime!

Why choose Netflix services?

People all over the world swear by Netflix services because:

  • It is bigger and better than any other Internet television provider: Netflix’s user interface is not just simple but visually appealing too. It is easy to scroll through a range of content and choose and schedule your preferences.
    • Thousands of shows and full seasons: Netflix offers a never-ending collection of shows, movies and live streaming content to ensure that entertainment never stops.
    • Original content: Other than streaming content from around the world, Netflix also produces its own TV shows – vastly adding to the available entertainment options.
  • Huge discounts and bigger savings: Netflix not only delivers some of the biggest series from broadcast TV, but also offers huge discounts on original content to engage you and keep you glued to your screens.
  • Any time cancel policy: Netflix charges you a low, monthly fee for its services, which you can cancel at any time – without any penalties or prior notice.
  • Adapts to your taste: Netflix technology learns what you like and then suggests movies and shows as per your taste, making the search process fast and simple.
  • 24X7 help and support: Simply call Netflix helpline number and get instant support from certified technicians.
  • Multi-device convenience: You can access Netflix as per your schedule and on the device of your choice, both online and offline. You can even start watching a show on one device and finish it on another.  

How to cancel Netflix account?

If you want to cancel Netflix free trial or cancel the Netflix subscription services altogether, it is rather quite easy to cancel Netflix. The cancelation steps are same for free trial Netflix users. A note before we begin, uninstalling the Netflix app will not cancel the subscription. You must follow the steps mentioned below to cancel your Netflix account subscription.

How to cancel through your computer

To cancel your Netflix subscription,  Open a web browser and log in to your Netflix account. Click on your profile image that is on the top right screen of your computer. On the drop-down list, click on the option “Your Account”. Your account details will be shown on the new page and under the membership and billing preferences, click on Cancel Membership. Now Netflix will show a list of information about what will happen if you cancel your Netflix membership, click on Complete Cancelation to cancel your membership. Once you have canceled, you will get a confirmation email that your Netflix membership has been canceled and will confirm the date of cancellation once again.

How to cancel through your mobile devices

To cancel your Netflix account on iPhone or Android devices, open the Netflix app. Begin by tapping on the Menu icon which is at the top left of the screen. Select Account, you will be redirected to a new web browser page, scroll down till you find the option Cancel Membership. Tap on Cancel Membership; tap on Cancel Membership again to confirm the cancellation and after this, you will get an email confirmation that your Netflix subscription has been canceled.

If for some reason you do not see the option to cancel your Netflix account subscriptions, you must contact your billing partner to cancel. You will get an option to contact your billing partner or a link to guide you on how to cancel your Netflix with your billing partner, on the main Account page.

Call Netflix

Want to get started with your Netflix connection? Call Netflix customer service number  for immediate assistance and stream content right to your TV, game console, PC, mobile, tablet and more.

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    john shelton

    Initially everything went great but after a couple of months, whenever I watch a show in Netflix, the streaming stops halfway and the video keeps on loading. I thought it was the issue with my wifi connection so I would switch the network to my mobile data but the same thing happens. So to check, I opened a web browser and the internet is working fine, the videos in youtube streams in HD (both in wifi and mobile network) but if I open Netflix again and try to play the same or a different show, it happens again. I got really frustrated as I was not able to download and watch in offline mode as well. But thank god I found this number and they help me solve my problem which I have been facing for a few weeks now. Really appreciate what you guys did.

    Rating: 4
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    Cheryl Brewer

    I have always been pleased with Netflix.

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    This phone number does not call Netflix. It calls the cable company.

    Rating: 1
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    Elhizabet A diGiacinto

    Cancel service.
    Please cancel my Netflix service, as on July 10, 2018.

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    john denson

    please cancel my netflix acc from the end of july

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    I have no service . Who do I call to fix it ?

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    Patricia J Ditto

    Please cancel my Netflix account immediately. Thank you very much Patricia Ditto

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    Just realized Netflix is taking 13.99 out of my account EVERY WEEK! WTF? Not even a number to be found to cancel!

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    Lawrence Sheppard

    Cancel Netflix services
    Please cancel my service immediately.

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    Immediate cancellation for my Netflix service the time is 12:38 p.m. the date is October 5th 2018 thank you for my immediate cancellation of service for Netflix

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    Your company is a awful Do you need through to a live person is even worse I have tried for two days to get a hold of someone to cancel my credit card that is attached to my sons account he no longer has access to that account but yet on being in charge

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    wade eisenbeisz

    no phone number anywhere that i can see