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Founded in 1995, Mediacom is the seventh largest cable television and communication service provider in the United States. The company currently provides its services to 22 states in the US and is the largest cable operator in Iowa and second largest in Illinois.

Mediacom provides infinite, boundary-free entertainment possibilities to its users. It offers more than 165 national and international channels, with more than 75 channels in HD. Not just that, Mediacom TV subscribers also get to enjoy On Demand programming, an easy to use On Screen guide, and TiVo Whole Home DVR for a multi-room TV viewing experience. The company provides huge discounts on its bundled digital TV, Mediacom Webmail and cable Internet packages to simplify your life and maximize your savings.

Mediacom has created a niche for itself by providing high quality services and top class support to its customers residing in even the remotest locations. It houses a team of expert technicians who are ready to help you 24X7. Easy to reach through Mediacom TV customer service number , the team provides complete resolution of all your issues, big or small, for complete peace of mind.

Why choose Mediacom TV services?

Choose Mediacom TV services to enjoy:

  • 225+ TV and music channels with free HD
  • Over 20,000 On Demand titles for free
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your favorite shows and movies through TV Everywhere
  • Freedom to switch between devices without missing out on entertainment
  • Multi-Room DVR for whole home experience
  • Bundled TV and Internet packages for as low as $79.98/month
  • Instant support through Mediacom TV helpline number

Want to know more?

With all the above mentioned features and benefits, it is difficult to give Mediacom TV a miss. Call Mediacom TV customer service number to know more about their prices, plans and affordable bundled packages. Their friendly executives can help you choose the best plan as per your needs. If you’re an existing Mediacom customer looking to get assistance, you can also call Mediacom TV 1800 number for complete assistance. Mediacom representative will help you with all kinds of adding or moving services, bill pay, general customer service inquiries, and more.

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  • Elias Clark says:

    Only 6 months with the service and we have multiple issues with mediacom. On sales, the customer service did a great job signing me up and the setup experience was good. Everything was done as per the schedule. Calling the customer service number i always do get the issues resolved within a half hour time but what i cannot understand is that why the signal service keeps dropping off even after repeated reminder. If this goes on i might switch to another service provider, getting really frustrated with it.

  • Dennis Massey says:

    Tried again to get the problem withbyour programing. Misssissipi was to playVandy he third game of a three game series, but guss what u switch Duke and Texas to that channel. Thank u for nothing. U run a sloppy ship and I plan to make u history.
    thanks loads

  • Mediacom is the most unprofessional business I have ever had to deal with. Their working hours are not reasonable and I have yet to call mediacom customer service number and talk to someone who is not rude. I get charged for unexplained reasons. Also get charged differently from someone with the exact plan as me. How is that fair?

  • Bad signal reception. No customer service. the mediacom phone number is always busy and there is no other way to get in touch with them. the nearest Mediacom office is so far from where I stay. One of the worst services.

  • Every time you call the mediacom phone number, the waiting time is too much. To get in touch with the customer service, I have to put my phone on speaker mode and wait for a minimum time of 20 minutes to speak with them. Otherwise the service is good, the agents are polite and quick.

  • RICHARDSON says:

    Mediacom cable service is out again and it is happening regularly. The customer service is even worst. Every time I call the Mediacom customer service number, they find new ways to try and cover up about the issue. how can you do business this way?

  • I was previously using a different tv service provider but changed to Mediacom tv because I moved to a new city. I called up the Mediacom number, they came and installed the tv connection. I am now using Mediacom for 5 years, I never had any faced any issues with them. I would highly recommend them

us +1-844-294-3932