Headquartered in Alaska, GCI is the leading technology and communication service provider in the USA. The company has been providing its services to some of the most remote communities in North America since its establishment 35 years ago. GCI has always been committed to provide internet and entertainment services that give customers the freedom to be in charge of their experience. 

In accordance with its service commitment, the company offers some of the best home entertainment solutions that so that you can always have the world of entertainment at your fingertips. GCI Digital Cable TV not only provides the newest technology solutions, including Digital Television, DVRs, HDTV, HD-DVRs, and Video On Demand (VOD), but also makes them easy to use. So no matter which cable TV package you choose, GCI offers you the best high-definition tv channels, premium movie channels, digital music channels, popular sports channels, and plenty of Video-On-Demand choices to perk up your entertainment quotient.

Apart from this, the company also provides exceptional customer support to all its users. GCI houses a team of expert technicians who are available 24X7 and can be easily reached through GCI TV customer service number .

Why choose GCI TV Services?

GCI TV offers its customers some of the most amazing benefits, including:

TV Everywhere

Watch your favorite shows whenever and where ever you want.  With GCI, you’ll never miss your favorite entertainment. Just pick up a plan that fits your needs, add Tivo to access your favorite streaming service, and enjoy your favorite TV programs anytime, anywhere.

One-touch control to everything

Powered by TiVo, GCI TV allows you to record up to 6 shows at once. You can easily stream Netflix, Vudu, and more directly on your TV, and track, play or record every episode of your favorite shows so that you never miss a thing.

Video On Demand

Just use your remote to tune to Channel 777 and watch all your favorite movies other FREE shows instantly. Video On Demand gives you instant access to thousands of movies, documentaries, special events, and original series, including the ones that are still in theaters.

Multi room capacity

Start a show in one room and finish it in another. GCI TV allows you can watch your live or recorded programs from any device across your home.

24X7 help and support

GCI TV offers instant support service to all its users. Installation issues or device connection problem, whatever be your problem, GCI technicians are ready to assist you 24X7. Simply dial GCI TV helpline number   and get instant help and support at the convenience of your home.

Contact GCI TV

Want to get started? Looking for information on different plans provided by GCI TV? Have an issue or complaint regarding GCI service or billing? Call GCI TV helpline number  to get in touch with their customer care executives. They will promptly act on all complaints and issues to resolve them in the minimum possible time.

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5 years ago

My DVR was not recording correctly as there was some changes made in the settings and I had no idea how to fix this. So I called the customer service and the representative was very polite and was very patient with me as I don’t know how to operate all this. I would like to thank the person who was very kind to me and may god bless you. Thank you