Blockbuster TV- on demand entertainment at your doorstep

Blockbuster TV is a new venture from blockbuster, the defunct video rental store. Instead of going for the brick and mortar store, they have been able to evolve their business around the Internet, thereby providing video rentals through the dish television. By contacting the Blockbuster TV phone number, you would be able to get all the important details that necessitate you becoming a customer of this company. The Blockbuster TV customer service number is at hand to help you understand the intricate details of the relationship that you have with blockbuster.


The Blockbuster TV customer support number helps you get an idea about the different features provided to you by this company. They are;

• An excellent roster of different movies, entertainment shows and sporting activities from around the world.
• On demand offerings are also at hand at least 28 earlier than most of the rentals from RedBox.
• Excellent pricing that definitely brings about a lot of change in the mentality of people using this service.

So, call the Blockbuster TV customer support number and ask them about the latest deals that blockbuster has provided to the market. By getting in contact with the dish TV, a bundled solution can be procured from blockbuster. For more information, go through the Blockbuster TV contact details and find out the pertinent people to help you get access to such information.

If need be, get in contact with the Blockbuster TV helpline, or even the Blockbuster TV 1800 number. There are dedicated personal to help you out at all times.