Founded in the year 2003, Skyscanner has offices in places all across the world like Budapest, Barcelona, Glasgow, London, Singapore and Sofia. With a global presence, they would be able to provide the best of Skyscanner airlines booking at the lowest possible prices.

Considering the fact that you would want to visit new destinations, Skyscanner mobile application contains a lot of information about the new locations for you to visit. A simple call to the Skyscanner helpline would also give you a lot of information about your intended destination and the current political situation.

With more and more people looking to travel through Skyscanner, it only goes to show that they are a company that has been growing in leaps and bounds in providing excellent services to their customers. This is the reason why they have got massive positive Skyscanner reviews online.

Why should you choose Skyscanner services?

If you are looking at a comprehensive travel agency that provides you with excellent news on the locations of your choice, then going for Skyscanner services would be the right choice. Apparently, they also provide a lot of benefits which include;

  • Not taking any commission from the travelers.
  • The service works with multiple online travel agency partners, which provide them with separate search results with the lowest possible prices on tickets.
  • A 24 hour Skyscanner Phone number to help the people seeking out more information about the destination.
  • They have one of the highest rated mobile applications which have already been downloaded over 70 million times, which contain 30 languages as well as 70 currencies.

Should you still prefer to use Skyscanner Phone Number?

If you need the latest information, Skyscanner is definitely the one that you need to go for. Moreover, in case you would want more information about their services, give a call to the Skyscanner phone number.

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    Skyscanner is a great website, it is very easy to use and had always been my first choice website whenever I book flights online. I always get great deals on all the trips I take and I have saved over $1000 over the years booking from Skyscanner. Moreover, they have a very good customer service; I recently had to postpone one of my trips and I call the Skyscanner phone number for rescheduling my flight. The agent gave me the best travel options and very little money was charged for rescheduling my flight. I would definitely recommend Skyscanner to all my friends.

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    I just love this website, it is a great website to compare flight prices and book the cheapest one available. I never book a flight ticket without first checking it out on Skyscanner. I am also very delighted with the services they provide. The last time I traveled I had a problem with my name spelling on my air ticket. I called up the Skyscanner phone number to inform them about this and everything was sorted out in 10 minutes. It had a very pleasant trip. Thanks.

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    So what is your phone number in Australia?

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      I got help from this list of airline and travel agent phone number. Hope it helps

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    Skyscanner is a great website and the best thing about it is skyscanner is very easy to use. Also I love receiving updates about my travel flights, fast and efficient.

    Rating: 5
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    Cihat Saridag

    Dear Sir/Mm

    I had tryied to buy a ticket from your webpage skyscanner by agent travelgenio but since 3 hours it is on the process has not confirm yet. And i can not buy another ticket because scare that they will get money. Can you help me to confirm the ticket or cancel it than i can buy new ticket.

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    Why does the ticket price jump up the more people u book . It’s crazy . Be careful when booking

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    Sabrina Dias

    I bought expensive flights to go and come back to Brasil with my fiance and I bought with the company Travelgenio. I am trying contact the company to change the fight and they don’t answer the phone call and also don’t answer the email. Don’tever buy with this company guys!!!!

    Rating: 1
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    Iam a regular customer, but i have a problem now.. I bought 2 tickets from on Monday 28.05 at 4:50 pm through TRIPSTA , the Booking No.: F104460510 , they withdraw 1267.96 Euro but they did not send the tickets, i sent 3 e-mails yesterday but they did not replay. I called them today they did not replay.
    please ask them to send the ticket today.

    Rating: 3
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    Zumrad Gaffarova

    Guys I dont think skyscanner is great. There are full kf cheaters. I bought ticket 31st of May. During the whole process the price was not changed and it was 172000 yen for 2 person Tokyo to Tashkent and back to Tokyo. But when I pushed the last confirm button the price changed automatically and it went to 185000 yen it means 120$ higher than original price. I bought tickets from their phone number is (+81)0345777755
    My reservation number is WP799Y

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    I never booking flight tickets online as it takes too much time for the confirmation and the whole process takes too much time. But not with Skyscanner flights, i was pleasantly surprise to see that everything was easy to use and navigate. The confirmation was quick and the process was fast. I would definitely book again with them

    Rating: 5
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    Emailed and called the Skyscanner phone number several times to get my reservation ticket. But in the end they charged me more than what i originally booked for and more expensive than other websites. Moreover waiting over the phone to get in touch with the next customer service agent is unacceptably long, no matter what time i call them

    Rating: 2
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    Mike Cross

    Flights confirmation. Hi. I booked flights for my partner Moira Brooks on 1st May for flights Leeds Bradford to Faro on 10th July return 18th July. I do not appear to have received confirmation of these flights.
    Please help.

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    Abdul Jabbar

    This website seems to be fake. I just took tickets online and lost money. They didnt send me any confirmation mail or tickets. I tried their number and asking for the booking number. Without receiving any tickets how I can get the booking number or other details.

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    patrick quinn

    Unable to purchase a ticket from, the page keeps refreshing on its own when i try to book the tickets.

    Rating: 3
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    Don’t book thru are cheater

    Rating: 1
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    – Moideen
    I recently booked 7 tickets from skyscanner(dubai to mangalore). But now I have to cancel my booking and book a new one. For this how much will it cost and how much will I get in return? Kindly reply

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    booked a flight and hotel and did not get a confirmation from miami to las vegas on july 15-22

    i also book a flight from houston to las vegas, vegas to atlanta and that i did receive confirmation.

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    Diana Meyer

    My flight stats app wont load my July 16 flight
    Air. Canada 8310 Comox to Vancouver departing 5.45and wont list any flight for that day

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    Please call urgently, expected call back on my thalaind number +66,628801291