Google Flights Customer Service Phone Number

Google Flights Customer Service Phone Number

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As a company, Google has been able to look into different avenues on how to promote travelling, and they have done so by introducing Google flights. It is a new company, but it has the power of Google, its parent company behind it in order to promote and provide some of the best flight services.

Of course, this is more or less a travel agency which enables you to find out new destinations to travel, and gives you the best prices for your flights. For more information, you can simply call the Google flights customer service number. Furthermore, they have also looked into providing new destinations to travel.

Above all, what one can realize about Google flights is that it is a company that is more or less tuned to customizing your needs of travel. Therefore, using the Google flights airlines booking enables you to get the least possible prices to your favored destination without any type of problems.

Should you use Google flights?

There are absolutely no problems in using Google flights, seeing that they have a lot of positive Google flights reviews all across the Internet. However, as a customer, you also need to look at some of the benefits that they provide, which include;

  • A powerful search engine which includes a lot of results when you are seeking out travel plans.
  • Provides you with new destinations on a daily basis, which enables people that suffer from the travel bug to visit new places within their budget range.
  • They have a huge aggregation algorithm which enables them to secure some of the best travel plans and the best prices for tickets.
  • They have a 24 hour Google flights 1800 toll-free number to help out people in need of proper directions for booking flights.

Is Google flights a worthy company?

With a lot of people battling to become the preferred travel agent of that country, Google flights has brought about a whole new dimension to travel bookings. You can call the Google flights helpline if you face any problems with their booking feature.

If you are in need of a proper flight plan and would want to call for new adventures, give a call to the will flights phone number.

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  • Sophia Magloire says:

    I booked several flights through google flight for my upcoming trip to Europe, however one of my flights through Norwegian was grounded due to mandatory check and a full refund was offered to me by the airline. When I called Google Flight customer service number I spoke to Ana who answered the phone and was very rude she told me “this is what happens when you buy cheap flight why did I book a cheap flight” and did not want to give me my full refund even with the airline saying that I will get a full refund. After a while she agreed to give me my refund and told me a request had to be sent to the airline to get my refund.
    Since my connected flight is affected by this flight I asked Ana can she help me with that she said yes and the amount for the connecting flight was $300+ for 3 passengers, she said I can use it as a credit to book a new flight which I agreed but as I was booking I realized the credit was short $200.00 and made it aware to Ana, at that point she said she will no longer give me a credit and I need to figure it out with the airline (the fact that I booked it with a third party that’s who I have to contact). I asked to speak to a supervisor and a manager and explain the situation with Ana trying to charge me an additional $200.00 they both apologized but said I have to take the lost then all 3 told me I need to call back and did not want to speak to me. I attempted to call the phone numbers several times and keep getting hung up on. I thin someone need to ensure that customer service is better and also they charging people more without them knowing which is stealing. Please watch out and stay away from Google Flights booking

  • Worst Customer Service.
    Be aware overseas fare quoted without taxes and you’ll get surprise when put your details.

    Waste of time:(

    Very disappointed

  • HOrrible. Booked a flight via Google Flights and the airline has no record of it. Google flights took my credit card information, etc and said they would pass it onto the airline. Google Flights never provided a confirmation number. Called Google Flights customer service and they hung up on me three times within 10 seconds of call. Horrible, horrible set up and even worse customer service. Rating: 1

  • Worst customer service and fake number. The listed number doesn’t belong to Google flights at all.

  • Jean-Charles Pedraja says:

    Madame, Monsieur,j’ai utilisé GOOGLE FLIGHT pour avoir le prix d’un vol Marseille —> La Havane, et le site m’a sortie un vol Aller et retour pour deux personnes aux date que j’ai choisi et avec les même vol il m’est impossible d’avoir le même tarif ???Comme GOOGLE FLIGHT a pu me sortir un tel tarif ?Cordialement,JC Pedraja Rating: 4

  • Bebek ngoyor says:

    Booked a flight with Google Flights phone number, Got an instant reservation. thanks for saving the time

  • This is a fake website that is not affiliated with Google. Calling this number will not connect you to Google Flights customer support.

  • Bernard tomic says:

    These guys are extremelu rude.


  • I just got HUNG UP trying to get a correct phone number for customer service which apparently within Google Flights doesn’t exist!

  • Horrible service. When I wasn’t interested in his offering, he hung up on me instantly and I couldn’t even ask for other offers. Wish I could give 0 rating.

  • Paul Gallacher says:

    I was searching for a flight from Nelspruit to Port Elizabeth in South Africa.
    The web site displayed flights with the destinations still on the search bar. I booked the flight that suited my timing and payed for it. But after it was booked it became clear that the flight is not from Nelspruit but Johannesburg. The booking is through BA and when I tried to cancel, their web site says there is only refund on a percentage of the tax paid. Can you help? I tried the google flight call center but no reply. Booking reference is LH98MB for December 20th 2018

  • terrible service and the flights it pulls up are always weeks away. Never use this service.


  • flight in 2 hours and ticket has been canceled!!!!!! and 10 min ago i got email ” youe trip almost here” wow really!!!!! customer service on phone saya ” TRY TO CALL LATER”””
    AND WED SITE SAYS ” best trips”
    i bouth new ticket in las minet directly from airline 300$ more
    Thank you GOOGLE FLIGHTS for “nice” saving and “nice” trip


  • Kelly Bush says:

    This website is providing the wrong contact information for Google Flights. Not good!

  • Priti Shah says:

    ITA Matrix & Google flight shows certain price e.g. $940 through Delta – I click on booking, goes through fine, once I input credit card info, it changes prices by couple of thousand dollars!! I tried this atleast 20 times…everytime atlest 4 different itineraries.

  • Rafi Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir,
    Google flight not included Bangladesh. Can please tell us the reason.
    If will be included, when ?
    It is very helpful to us.
    Best regards
    Rafi Ahmed

  • florencia collo says:

    I had searched a flight ticket for the 6th of August with google flights. It AUTOMATICALLY changed the date to the 20th. (I know that this happened, because the person I am travelling with had exactly the same issue, just that he realised on time and changed it). I paid for my ticket which was 108 pounds, and when I tried to Check in, I realised my flight was on the 20th. I had to pay 200 pounds extra to fly on the day I had to. I think this is outrageous, and I would like to have my money back. everything in google is designed to be intuitive and move on fast. It is google´s fault, and I wish to be compensated for this.

  • florencia collo says:

    I had searched a flight ticket for the 6th of August with google flights. It AUTOMATICALLY changed the date to the 20th. (I know that this happened, because the person I am travelling with had exactly the same issue, just that he realised on time and changed it). I paid for my ticket which was 108 pounds, and when I tried to Check in, I realised my flight was on the 20th. I had to pay 200 pounds extra to fly on the day I had to. I think this is outrageous, and I would like to have my money know very well that everything in google is designed to be intuitive and move on fast. It is google´s fault, and I wish to be compensated for this.

  • I booked on my phone using Google Flights. The site auto-populated with my information and I changed it to the name of the passenger I was booking for. I paid for the flight and had to enter in my information for the billing. When I received the confirmation e-mail, the flight was in my name. Calling customer service they told me I would have to pay over $200 to change the name and that it’s my fault as I must have entered in the wrong information. I know for a fact that I changed it at the time of booking. The individual I spoke with was extremely rude. I will definitely never use this booking service ever again.

  • Harish Patel says:

    On google flights I was looking for flights from
    Houston to Ahmedabad ( India ) and found flight on 22nd Dec 2018 and returning on 10th January 2019 from Huoston Hobby to Ahmedabad and return @ 1167 $. But when clicked to book the ticket the price changed to 2200 $.
    I wasted my 5 hours in calling Google flights customer care and ultimately decided not to use this website again anytime.

  • Catherine Israel says:

    Hi, I have been trying to contact Google flights over a very urgent matter for the past 20 minutes and have found that none of the “customer service” contact information is getting me through to anyone.

    I booked a flight through Goole Flights in May for a flight I took from SYD- BHM on July 13 with AirNewZealand. Google flights (when booking) said I would have two checked bags included, but when I got to the airport they charged me $330 and said only one bag was included in the airfare. I have talked with AirNewZealand and they said I needed to speak directly with Google flights to resolve this issue.

  • This is not a phone number for google flights. It’s some flight reservation desk who had no idea what I was talking about when I asked if it was affiliated with Google Flights.

  • Trying to call the phone number and when I press an option it says call back later or when I press option 3 for customer service it says it is only for existing reservations. WHAT THE HELL?! I need a customer service person to answer my questions and it says “open 24 hours”? Yeah F@^#k that! I’d at least be okay with someone hanging up on me like everyone else to know that this number is real but I don’t even get that option!
    Does any one else have a number for this place?

  • Robert Dixon says:

    I called the phone #all they do is hang up in yo face that’s crazy. I booked a flight and can’t get my conformation to my flight

  • Keyoni Scott says:

    I am really unhappy with Google flight and Spirit Airline and not sure which is blame of the problem I’m having. I booked a flight through google flight but the confirmation email was wrong so I went to Spirit thinking they could refund me. After 3 days of fighting to get a refund that they would not give me they finally tell me it’s nothing they can do because I book it through google flight. Okay that makes sense because I did book it with google flights, so called the number the lady gave me but they hung up in my face saying ‘wrong number’. Called again, and tried to explain how I was given the wrong flight and need a refund but the guy hangs up in my face again! saying you need to call spirit then hangs up in my face. My experience with googles flights has been nothing but terrible! the people I called are so rude and didn’t even hear me out or give me a chance to explain why i was even calling. Now that is it 3 days into me trying to get a refund the first responds I’m getting is “its past 24 hours cant get a refund” but if this was handle properly this wouldn’t be factor! I need to speak to someone higher up and really get to the bottom of this because now i have two flights, one is correct one is wrong. I NEED A REFUND ON THE WRONG FLIGHT ASAP!

  • There’s no one available to speak with you are not open 24/7

  • Trying to book a flight for hours now…..saying error when there is 5 tickets left


  • jim chevigny says:

    Is the phone number posted for CS just a joke? I have called it 4 times now – this first it rang numerous times until the call terminated – about 9.30am west coast, then my last 2 calls simply terminated without ringing. 844-441-1299 is the cs number posted on the net.
    So the first was never picked up, while the rest terminated before ringing!!!!!!!!!
    And you call this customer service??? I wanted to use Google Flights to book a ticket, but no longer – what a joke

    • contactforsupport says:

      Hi Jim,
      Kindly call this number (833) 472-2723

  • Hi Richard,
    you should go @ and submit your queries.

  • richard kALLIO says:

    for some reason you cannot find the google flight phone number no,
    I need to cancel a flight but I cant. need help now,

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