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    Marisol B. Brent

    I called on this number 1-844-851-9487 they said this is iyogi can you please confirm is this real number? I took computer support services from iyogi in 2013, my computer has stopped working again now I am looking for help. Now my computer is freezing up and its not letting me do anything. Can someone please help me out, I need to do some urgent work. I have heard about that iyogi has shutdown their business. I dont know if its true or not, because when i called their number they picked up my call and said that yes we are iyogi tech support. i have also read iyogi reviews on pssedconsumer.com and found many negative reviews about them. Please help and let me know the contact number of iyogi.

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    Back then i purchased a lifetime technical support from you guys,iyogi for my HP laptop. My laptop is now old and about a year back i have upgraded the computer memory by adding a 2 gb memory stick. But every since that upgrade my laptop runs better than before but has been a lot of heating problems. I don’t know if the problem started due to the memory upgrade or due to some other issues on my laptop. I need help

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    Clara Bent

    I have been an iyogi customer for a number of years and when it comes to technical support, they were very good at fixing my computer problems. However back then when i use to call the customer service phone number they force sell me antivirus or other software which i never liked. That is why I cancelled my services with them few years ago. And recently i got a call from a technical support claiming to be iyogi support. The last time i heard about iyogi was that the company shutdown or are they still in business and providing support?

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    I still remember signing up for iyogi technical support one year service plan and they charged me three times from my credit card. And i started calling iyogi customer service more than usual not because i had a technical issue with my computer but because i wanted my refund. The whole process was very long and it took them 3 months to refund my money. It was one of the most frustrating times. Glad its all over now

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    Vanessa G

    Iyogi use to have very good after sale customer service. The technical support was always spot-on in finding the problems. I contacted them 5 times and it was a pleasant experience. My computer problem was always rectified.

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    Sandy Bridge

    Iyogi technical support was good but all times they would push to sell me software that i do not need. I still remember when windows 8 was new in the market and iyogi customer service would try to push me to buy windows 8, claiming windows 7 is no longer supported. They blindly say things to customers to scare them and force purchase the products, which is very unprofessional.

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    I found iyogi customer service to be very helpful. I purchased a 2 year plan 24/7 technical support service in 2013 at a reasonable price and it worked out great. but since they are not available this days i have signed up with geek squad which i am not so happy with.

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    All iyogi technical support agents are after money and less support. I get a call back every few months for a regular maintenance check and every time they call my phone number, there is something wrong with my computer and i have to pay them to get it fix. How is that technical support?

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    iYogi was a big ripoff. I trusted them when they fixed my computer problem and I paid for their two year technical support plan. The technical support was good and they had a pretty good knowledge about how to fix problem quickly. But when i contacted them after a year for the same computer problems, they will not answer phone calls or help me out. I should have never signed up with them and paid that excess money. Cheating customers with fake promises.

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    I never purchased any software from iyogi customer service when they force sell their products. I only contacted them when i need technical support and always pay them the one time support fee. The technical agents are really expertise in what they do when it comes to repairing and fixing the computer but their force selling is a big turn off. Thats why i never purchase any of their service plan.

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    These iyogi customer service don’t know what they are doing. They will charge you yearly subscription with no technical support and try to get you security services that you do not require.

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    I am trying to get in touch with the iyogi tech support phone number but there is no response. The call goes for a long hold and then it gets disconnected automatically. I have tried four times and all four times it was the same. I have a technical issues with my computer and i need some help from the iyogi customer service. Do they have other phone numbers?

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    Lynette Britton

    I have NEVER had trouble transferring my camera photos from Gimp to my pictures on my computer. But I’m unable to it now. I’ve been doing it for years. Please let me know the process!
    Thank you

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    Grace Kim

    I need help with my laptop. The mouse pointer freezes every few seconds after video driver update. The only solution i could find was if i enable the mouse pointer trail, the freezing stops. But i do not want that. I have updated the firmware of the laptop and updated all the drivers but the issue still occurs. I called the iyogi tech support number mentioned but no one is picking up the call. I found out that it happens with the new AMD video card. I would be very thankful if you guys can contact me and help me out again. Thanks in advance

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    I have been reading a lot about iyogi and there seem to be a lot of talk about how they are dissatisfied with the iyogi customer service, but i have always receive professional help from them. The technical support is very professional and very good at solving all computer problems. It is always a top service for me, quick to respond to all questions and fast help. Of course, now i am in need of their help again. I have tried calling the iyogi customer service number but i got no response.I want to know if iyogi computer support still provides 24×7 support as i am free only after 10 pm est due to work. Let me know if you can help as i need assistance with my computer. thanks

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    iyogi computer support was one of the best. Each time i had a problem, the technical support will fix it, there was never a time when i had to take the computer all the way to the computer store for repairs. They do everything online and if it requires a hardware replacement, they send in their technician. Save my business a lot of times.

    Rating: 5