Best buy geek squad is without a doubt the best-known consumer tech support service in the United States. Not only do they offer online technical support over the phone to all the customers but they offer support in all their best buy stores and direct home service as well.  They have an excellent team of trained tech experts and consumers can contact their helpline number anytime as the geek squad is open 24/7.

Offering all types of services for all products from cell phone to laptop devices, consumers can contact the geek squad customer support phone number and get all the assistance. They offer a very low monthly subscription fee as compared to their other competitors and offer a huge staff of technical support agents.

Best buy geek squad customer service reviews

Best buy geek squad has mixed reviews depending on the service they provide. While some website reviews have ratings as low as 1 to 2 stars, another website is flooded with 5 stars review.  This may be due to the huge category of services they offer to their customers. So depending on the type of services a customer wants, one has to do a few research before contacting the best buy geek squad customer service number.

Services offered

Even if Geek Squad offers a variety of services for many electronic devices, their most popular services are computer technical support services. So here is a list of services provided by Geek Squad for computers

  • Geek Squad agents are available round the clock
  • They offer premium internet security at no extra charge
  • Unlimited computer optimization and virus removals
  • Assisting in setting up and connecting to home networks
  • Installation and reinstallation of Operating Systems
  • Hardware and Software installation

Getting in touch with a geek squad agent

There are many ways to get in touch with a geek squad agent. Customers can directly get in touch with an agent by dialing the geek squad phone number or by visiting the website and clicking on the option Chat With An Agent. A customer can also make a reservation to the best buy store, bring in their product and directly speak with an agent in person to get in more detail information about the status of their products.

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    My laptop was not powering up for some unknown reason and it was giving out a continuous loud beep whenever I tried to switch it on. So I took my laptop to the best buy store and the geek squad took a look over it. Amazing that the agent knew the cause behind the beeping sound by its pattern and immediately replace the memory of the laptop. My laptop was up and running after that and he even perform a system check on my computer and made it faster than before. The agent was very professional.