Created in 2011, Sofi student loans have been one of the largest mortgage lenders in the mainland United States of America. Providing a wide range of financial services like consumer loans, wealth management, investments and insurance, they have also been able to dabble at providing student loans.

As of now, they are considered to be one of the leading financial institutions across America when it comes to providing student loans at relative lower interest rates.

Student loans refinancing: –

If you are a student looking out for a simplistic way of getting rid of multiple loans, then you have got to go for the Sofi student loans provided. This kind of refinancing and consolidation services in short that you can get the best of repayment terms in a much better manner of organization.

The basic premise of making use of Sofi student loans is that you get a phenomenal interest rate that cannot be matched by any other service. For more information, you can call the Sofi customer service 1800 number.

Benefits: –

As with any service, the Sofi reviews have also shown that it is one of the best companies to get student loans from. However, there is still a necessity to check the benefits, which include;

  • Loan consolidation services without any fees.
  • No fees for applying or prepayment of the loan.
  • Lower equated monthly payments for the students.
  • Have the choice of fixed or variable interest rates.
  • Online portal to help gauge the repayment options and the mode of repayment.
  • Extension for the repayment of loan easily done.

Should you go for Sofi student loans?

From the top of the hat, one could say that Sofi SLC is a wonderful company to get an educational loan from. A call to their Sofi helpline number will help disseminate any kind of doubts that you might have that this is a company worth contacting.

They have been known to be pretty good in providing customer service. A quick call to the Sofi phone number will help you get the best deal for educational loans.

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    The Customer service support were very helpful and prompt response to inquiries. The processing time to approve the application is too short (2-3 days). Less than 72 hrs you will receive a notification whether you are approved or denied based on your credit worthiness. I would highly recommend Sofi! Thank you Sofi!

    Rating: 4
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    Romel Bonayon Bersabe

    Is sofi collects tax fee for international borrower? And Is sofi Investment do facebook transaction during the process of loan?