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    I have loans with Osla student loans . I am not working at the moment and they will not help me. They will not help reduce my payments, all they do is call and harass me for payment. When I tell the customer service that i do not have the money, they say we’re sorry but we need the money now. What am i supposed to do??

    Rating: 3
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    Osla student loan were very nice and worked all the way with me to get the loan I needed. They took into consideration all my financial needs and got me the loan that worked best with me.

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    Angela Boyce

    This site provides a phone number stating 24/7. That is NOT at all accurate information! As far as OSLA, I have been trying to update my banking information for weeks and they will not email or call me back. I figure they would want their money and get back to me for accurate account information!

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