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Since the year 1978 when Nelnet was formed, they have been leading the financial services industry in Nebraska by providing multiple students with proper student loans. With passing time, they have been able to acquire millions of customers, and now happen to be amongst the largest mortgage lenders that you can find in America.

A close look at the Nelnet student loan consolidation reviews will help you understand the seriousness with which customer satisfaction is taken up by the representatives. With a diversifying working force, they have slowly earned the reputation of being one of the most responsible companies in this industry.

Loan refinancing schemes: –

Nelnet student loan consolidation has been at the thick of things, providing excellent repayment options for people taking loan refinancing. For students, this is a necessity, given the fact that the job market is at an all-time low. Not having to pay the educational loan may seem like a distant dream, but getting a temporary respite in the form of refinancing would definitely help them out. By calling the Nelnet customer service 1800 number, they can put forward their grievances and proper solutions will be given out by the customer care executives.

Why choose Nelnet student loan?

As with any company peddling student loans to the market, Nelnet also has its own set of advantages. They are;

  • Comprehensive consolidation plans to help you out the grievances of students encumbered with student loans.
  • Lower equated monthly instalments, a drastic reduction in the interest rates after undergoing refinancing.
  • 24 hour service will be provided to students by calling the Nelnet helpline number.
  • No application fees for students enquiring about student loan options.
  • Variable and standard interest rates applied to the student loans.
  • Loan consolidation without any fees for prepayment of the loan is available through Nelnet phone number.

So, should you go for Nelnet Phone Number?

Well, Nelnet has had a wonderful time helping students out over the years when it comes to their future. Educational loans secured through Nelnet have helped millions of students to make their future a lot better. By calling the Nelnet phone number, the students would be able to get the best deal possible for student loans.

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  • I would not recommend Nelnet student loan to anybody out there looking to apply for one. Their interest rates are off the charts if you compare it with other banks that offers student loans. Even though I have paid off about 90% of my loan, it was and is still one of the worst experience i am going through every day. To begin the customer service is horrific, you get transferred around over the phone from department to department every single time you call, saying they don’t handle that issue. They make sure that you get put on-hold for an extremely long period of time hoping you would disconnect or hang-up and then you have to re-explain your entire situation every single time. And if i asked them what is the direct number to get in touch with them the next time i call, they never provide one and always say call the same old number. Just frustrating. It’s been 7 years making payments, and if there was a day or two delay in making the payments, they harass you with constant calls to make the payments immediately

  • Ron Pelletier says:

    I dont know if nelnet have updated their website or done something, but its been few days now that i am not able to login to make payments as i have always done it online. I tried calling the customer service but none of the 800 phone number works. I get a recorded message telling me that they are unable to take calls at this time

  • Unable to reach Nelnet phone number . want to get some information about loan refinancing

  • Perfect!! I had trouble log into with my Nelnet account to make payments and their easy access to the customer service phone number and directly getting help from the representative is fabulous. Good service

  • My student loan went into default early last year and I had to start a rehab plan where I was support to make 6 consecutive payments. I made the 6 consecutive payments religiously and by the end of the 6 month I got a call from the nelnet phone number and I was told by the customer service that my loan is now out of default. I could not be happier. I still got to make my payments for my student loan but glad that one problem is fixed for now.

  • Gerard Penton says:

    Nelnet student loans have been one of the worst I have ever had to deal with. They have changed my account details without my permission and regularly misdirect by stating that nelnet phone number and the call centers are not synced with the website. Overall, terrible services

  • Nelnet website is very easy to use when it comes time to make monthly payments, but it becomes a little trickier if you try to pay extra. You have to call the nelnet phone number if you pay extra. The customer service is good and the process works great. But for something which some of us do monthly, they should provide an option if we want to pay extra.

  • the 24 hour nelnet phone number is not working. I was checking the payment bills and had some issues with the amount and duration of payment. so I called them up late at night but no one picked up the call.

  • I have been with Nelnet for the past 5 years paying up my loan. There has never really been any problem with my payments but there are at times when they advance my due date payments. And each time I contact the nelnet customer service phone number to correct this issue, the customer service rep says they never send it and it was an error from their system. They make the corrections from their end but the customer service agents are horrible. They never provide the exact information making it very inconvenient.

  • The customer service is very poor. I called up the nelnet customer service phone number and I was transferred from one department to another. I did not get any information I wanted as there seems to be an increase in my loan interest rate and the customer service are avoiding answering when I ask them that.

  • I have tried calling the nelnet phone number for some information regarding applying for a student loan but the line simply seems to be busy all the time. Anyway I got the information needed from their website. Thanks

  • I had applied for a student loan and my loan was in grace period. I had less understanding about this grace period so I called up the nelnet phone number and the representative helped me understand and the process about paying back. Now I know what I should do to start my repayments. Really thankful for the help.

  • i filled up an online form to apply for a student loan and there was an issue while submitting it. must be an error with the server. So I called up the nelnet student loan phone number to directly speak with them. The representative who pick up my call was very rude and impatient with me. and he did not answer to all my question and I feel I was not treated well.


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