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The inception of the Navy Federal credit union student loan services in 1933 has made it one of the oldest student loan financial institutions in the United States. Initially providing services to the people in and around Virginia, the Navy Federal credit union has been able to expand their services to various other parts of America.

Having provided loans to millions of students across the country, they have now been able to gain a reputation of a solid financial institution with an excellent workforce.

Refinancing options with Navy Federal credit union: –

Providing some of the best refinancing options, the Navy Federal credit union student loan has been at the forefront of educational loans in America. With thousands of students inquiring about educational loans on a weekly basis, the Navy Federal credit union customer service 1800 number is always busy.

To gain access to some of the best refinancing interest rates, call the Navy Federal credit union helpline number. Experienced customer care operatives will be able to sort out your issue and provide you with a good understanding on student loans.

Benefits of Navy Federal credit union: –

Amongst all the competing agencies, there is a certain edge given towards student loans plans by Navy Federal credit union. These benefits include;

  • Consolidation student loans at a very low rate of interest.
  • Extension of repayment term in case a student would need it for no excessive charge.
  • Navy Federal credit union phone number which can be accessed by students at all times.
  • Online portal to help too dense with equated monthly installments.
  • Variable and fixed interest rates that will be decided given the condition of the student and the amount of student loans required.

Should you take the next step?

With a glowing reputation of Navy Federal credit union SLC, not going for it would be a very bad decision on your part. For a better understanding of low interest student loans, call the Navy Federal credit union phone number.

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  • One of the worst experiences in my life with navy federal. About 5 years ago i though i paid off my student loan, but a few months back i got an email notice that i owe them more. I got no help calling the navy federal 1800 number and now i have to pay them over hundreds of dollars. All it would have taken was one letter or a call from the customer service but they just wait for us to make a tiny mistake and steal everything from our pockets

  • Navy Federal customer service has called and mailed me and my mother repeatedly because we were used as a reference by my cousin. I’ve told them innumerable times what his up-to-date address and phone number are, but they insist on using our address as his and contacting us again and again. I don’t know how to get it to stop. He is the one not paying his debt, but we are the ones being harassed.

  • I cannot access to any of my account history nor can I reach a Navy federal student loans representative. I would like to know how to gain access to my account history.

  • I called up the navy federal credit union 1800 number for a free consultation after my close friends recommended me and it turns out they give great interest rates for loans. I am going to one of the local branch tomorrow for an in person assistance.

  • I am very satisfied with the service provided by navy federal student loans and fast notifications to all transaction on my accounts. The transfer of fund from my account to my children is very simple and easy.

  • Guillermo says:

    I have been with NFCU for over 5 years. I love their customer service, the security they provide and it doesn’t cost me anything to do business with them. They send text messages whenever there are unusual charges coming from my account so I can call the navy federal customer service phone number and either explain my purchases or inform them it was not done by me. they are doing a great job and are very watchful about this!!

  • It was not easy trying to get in touch with customer service when dialing the navy federal phone number. There is too many robo voice and so many things to press and listen to before I can be finally get connected to them. Why isn’t there an option to get me directly connected to a customer service ?

  • I got a $100 gift card and I have been saving it for some time now. I did not use the gift card for 5 months as I was planning to buy a gift for my little brother and the last time I checked, they deducted $25. When I called up the navy federal phone number, the customer service said they it was a service fee of $5 per month if I did not use the card. no one ever told me that I have to use my gift card as soon as I got it. This is a joke

  • Thanks to navy federal student loans I finished my college degree. They made my dreams become a reality. I am very thankful to navy federal credit union

  • I am kind of satisfied with navy federal credit union. The NFCU customer service is very kind and polite but there are few occasions where I have been provided incorrect information by the customer service. And thanks to that incorrect information provided by them I am caught up in some financial difficulties. And now I am paying up extra and still paying because of their carelessness

  • We have been members of Navy Federal Credit Union for about 10 years now and love the services that they provided. Every time we call the Navy Federal customer service phone number we get the best rates for loans. Their rates on loans are very competitive. They have a very reasonable turnaround time on loan decisions and navy federal customer service is one of the best around. I would highly recommend them.

  • Absolutely the best bank. I called up the navy federal number for an extension of repayment of my student loan and they granted it to me. I am very happy navy federal student loans saved my life and I will always be a part of navy federal credit union. Thanks a ton.

  • I have been with Navy federal credit union bank and they have been fantastic over the years. Their service has been a real treat to me. Very low charging while withdrawing money in other countries as compared to other competitors. Also while contacting the navy federal phone number, instead of spending hours going through the automated system to talk with one of the customer service representative. I directly get connected with one of the navy federal customer service and get immediate help.


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