Lendkey, a company that specializes in providing student loans to the people in the United States of America has been the frontrunner for various positive reviews by the community as a whole.

Since its inception in 2007, they have provided millions of student loans to prospective students in and around New York City. Known as the primary mortgage lender, Lendkey reviews show that it is a considerate company ensuring the betterment of students using their loans.

Student loan refinancing customer services: –

Lendkey has excellent student loan refinancing plans which help you to get the best deal for your student loans without a sweat. Instead of looking at multiple loan agencies, consolidating that student loan into a single loan account can be done by Lendkey SLC.

For the students, this step helps them in the proper repayment of their loans in a hassle free manner. With the online portal of Lendkey coming to the help of students, the repayment facilities are also upgraded for the next generation.

Benefits of Lendkey student loan: –

In the event that you would like to acquire Lendkey educational loan, you need to know its benefits. Some of them are;

  • Proper repayment terms for people without a job post-graduation.
  • A variable rate of interest from 4.49% to 9.49% which is adjusted according to the needs of the student.
  • A fixed rate of interest from 6.24% accompanying discounts to 10.99% without any discounts for the students.
  • No fees for applying to Lendkey student loans.

So, what’s stopping you?

Lendkey customer service 1800 number is available around the clock to provide you with a fresh perspective as to why student loan refinancing is your best solution moving forward. With a lot of students making the mistake of banking on their expertise to get a job, they are seldom making a different plan for their future. This is when refinancing comes into play. Call the Lendkey phone number to get the best deals for student loans.