Whatsapp Messenger is a freeware instant messaging application for Android, iOS and other Smartphones. Whatsapp messenger uses the phone internet connection (or Wifi connection) to send messages and voice call to your friends and family. Whatsapp users can send videos clips (upto 16MB), audio clips, pictures and emojjis. Users can also attach a document, send their location and add contact cards. All the data that is shared in Whatsapp is end-to-end encrypted.

Whatsapp Messenger was launched in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both of them former employees of Yahoo. Whatsapp Messenger was launched in app store for iPhones and two months later, the app was launched for blackberry. Whatsapp earned millions of dollars shortly after its release with over 250 million users in a month, charging first time installment payment for iPhones user and pay per year for android users. One of the main attraction of Whatsapp Messenger was it did not contain any ads in the app, attracting million of users. On February 2014, Facebook announced that it has acquired Whatsapp for 19 billion US dollars.

Some of the features of whatsapp

Text messages – easy and simple messaging, Whatsapp Messenger uses your phone internet connection so that you can send text messages to your family and friends for free and avoid SMS fees.

Group Chats – create Groups with your family tree and your common friends to keep in touch with everyone. In group chats you can share images, video clips and messages with upto 256 people all at once. You can also customize your group notifications, mute the group notifications, change the group image etc

Voice calls –  Whatsapp messenger offers voice call to its user using internet connection. With voice calls you can call your love ones for free, even if they are in another country.

Video calls – Whatsapp messenger also offers video call to its user using the internet connection just like the voice call. In Video calls, you can call your love ones or friends and talk with them face-to-face.

Photos and videos – Whatsapp Messenger users can send and receive photos and video clips instantly. With the build-in camera app, users can instantly capture the moment and share pictures or videos to your friends and family.

Voice messages – with just a tap and hold on the voice recorder icon in Whatsapp messenger, users can says and share what is on their mind.

Documents – users can send PDF, spreadsheet, slideshows and many other more attachment through Whatsapp. Users can send documents upto 100MB

Security – with many personal moments shared on Whatsapp messenger, all the data transfers and received are end-to-end encrypted so that all the text/calls and personal information are secured.

Whatsapp on desktop – users can download the application from the web to their PC and sync it with their mobile Whatsapp account and use Whatsapp on whichever device is more convenient for you.

With more than one billion daily active users, Whatsapp offers a product support for any issue that the user is facing. Whatsapp Users can contact the support at [email protected] for any concerns regarding the product. Whatsapp also has a FAQ (frequently asked questions) forum where the user can browse through a list of general question for all the different phone platforms with answers on how to resolve them. Users can also search for the answer by inputting their question on the How can we help you search box to find the answers.

Download WhatsApp on you mobile:
Android phone – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whatsapp

iOS devices – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/whatsapp-messenger/id310633997

Open WhatsApp on your computer – https://web.whatsapp.com/

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    I changed my device from a blackberry device to an android device. So, simple as it sounds I just had to delete my number and the app from my previous phone and download and install the app in my new phone and add my number. But it never happened that way and I was not able to sign into my new phone. It was just stuck trying to take in my number to the new device. I called up one of my friend and he suggested me this website. I had my doubts before calling them but since I had no other option, I called them and what seems like a problem that will take hours to fix. The technician whom I spoke with, performed some few troubleshooting steps and I had my whatsapp back and running. Thank you guys.

    Rating: 5
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    I had an issue with my whatsapp messenger. Whenever any of my friends send me any emoji it would show up as X mark instead of the emoji. I updated the latest whatsapp app from the play store but I still had the same issue. So I called up these guys and they help me with my issue and I am so happy it is fixed. Thank you so much. Great service

    Rating: 4
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    I want see the deleted number in what’sapp

    Rating: 5
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    Whatsapp code send me.is number 9788668987

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    Hello Whatapp Coad Send mi +918840759417

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    WhatsApp OTP. Coad send plzz

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    Hi pls send me verfication code for +6585054261
    Whatsapp number

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    someone is using my whats app id how i close
    i need help

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    My whatsaap account is banned.please tell me how can I reopened?

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    My whatsaap account is banned.please tell me how can I reopened?
    Please give me salution ?

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    would you please send me verification code for +966504926508 Whatsapp number

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    Anatasha Ulau

    hii..please send me my pin for two step verification by number +60 01136963578 immediatelly..

    Rating: 5
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    Robert abolanle feyisara

    Hello my name is robertabolanle I have issue with my Nigeria number I cant receive code here due to an out of Nigeria please what can I do because I wish to log in with my new phone thanks kindly send me d code via email my number is 2347036735477

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    Julia McClean-Husbands

    X stars:- my phone has been ban from your WhatsApp service. 20 years of bill phone 12462316613 Barbados Flow. The phone was lost and shut down for 9mths, reactive with same number-downloading WApp it read baned.
    I would like yourservice back, i will buy a use phone in july and try again
    Thank you JULIA

    Rating: 1
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    Hello I can’t receive whatsapp code after I factory reset my phone…help

  16. -

    I dont know if your team noticed you have a problem with your service so you fix it asap. Its so frustrating to keep trying to get verification code for 2weeks and it keeps failing. I’m not the only one complaining ,its a worldwide issue. FIX IT.

    Kindly re check your technical system. Its exhausting for your customers.

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    Hello I can’t receive whatsapp code after I factory reset my phone…help

    Mobile :9000862701

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    Gooday I have a South African Whatsapp i am currently in Bulgaria i lost all my contact details please send me a code on my bulgarian number but the south african code so i can get my contacts Back to my phone when i install the Bulgarian whatsapp ..

    Kinde Regards

    Maria Tzoneva

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    por favor,necesito explicacion del porque del cobro de una llamada por whatsapp a venezuela a traves de una linea telefonica.T-MOBILE.La llamada fue realizada el 05/06/2018.alas 2.08pm..al nro tlf 414-8672414 por un tiempo de 6 min…y un cobro de 20.85$..GRACIAS

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    Good morning my WhatsApp is having challenges I can’t get verification code can you help me get verification code to this number please +971526537431

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    My name is jay onka please I have tried to get verification codevto my whatsapp not available please can you help me get it send me my verification number to +9716537431

    Rating: 5
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    Hi I can’t receive my WhatsApp code
    Cell number:0837678287

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    Dear sir
    Please help me. my name is shahzeb. i live in abu dhabi. today one message was coming to my watt sap. he say u will get a lucky draw. when i call him . he say me u tell code number.when i say code my watt sap block atomically now my watt sap not open my this number +971568623097. can u check please.

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    My whatsapp number is hacked please halp me

    Rating: 5
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    Dr. Taiwo Ojo

    Hello, my name is Taiwo Ojo and I have been having issues with getting my verification code for over three days now from my Nigeria number; +2347059088800. please I urgently need you to kindly send me the verification code via email my number is 2347059088800. You can send it to my email: [email protected]

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    My phone got spoilt recently so I have to change my phone number from +23414460506 to +2348025920400. I noticed that my former number profile is still active.Please i need it deleted immediately so any message can only be sent to my present line.Thank you for your understanding. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    whatsapp code is send me this number -7018562198

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    Ankit shukla

    Sir jod call me 6393356055

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    Mobile My mother stole what I do to stop the thief from using the whatsapp

  30. -

    this is to inform that my whatsapp has been banned to send massages for the last 2 days. i don’t know what to do. need some help.
    Thank you

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    Zahid husain

    My whatsapp number is banned please my whatsapp number unbanned please please please 8779878971

    Rating: 5
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    Good day kindly help me my Whatsapp has been hacked kindly disconnect it or send me a verification code to [email protected]
    +1 3052975199

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    my whatsapp has been banned to use. kindly start it as soon as possible. my whatsapp number is used for business purpose not for violence. so kindly check and start it. thank you

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