is a leading Internet Service Provider within the state of Wisconsin. The company offers its Internet services to approximately 13,000 happy customers in and around the state, and is famous for its high quality fiber optic network and prompt customer service though customer service.

Its fiber-to-the-home network allows to deliver fast, reliable, secure internet connection directly to your home or office at the speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second, for both download and upload. Internet services

The company provides its services through:

High speed Internet

Delivered through Internet modem, High speed Internet service is available in Merrimac, Sauk Prairie and surrounding areas. The Internet speed ranges from 5 mbps to 100 mbps downstream, to 500 kbps to 5 mbps upstream.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Dedicated Ethernet

Delivered over our fiber optic network, WAN Ethernet services are available in the Sauk Prairie area. Speeds range from 50 mbps to 100 mbps downstream to 50 mbps to 100 mbps upstream.

Dial-Up Internet

This is a telephone modem delivered Internet service. Speeds are usually 53 kbps or less, depending on the line.

Apart from this, also provides various miscellaneous Internet services, phone services, and high definition cable TV services to offices and homes in the Sauk Prairie, Merrimac and surrounding areas.

Merr communications customer support

Within a short span of time, has created a niche for itself in customer satisfaction and service delivery. Its customer care team is friendly, courteous and always available to assist you, day or night. Whether you want to book a new connection or want to get your faulty modem repaired, simply dial and get in touch with their support staff for instant help and support. service engineers are available 24X7, 365 days a year and ensure that you never have to face a downtime due to a bad Internet connection.

Want to know more about Merrimac Communications?

Call Merr communications to know more about their products, plans, and areas of operation. You can also get in touch with their customer support team for assistance with your bill payments, booking a home visit, or registering your complaint regarding their products and services.

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5 years ago

The customer service experience was below par but the technician who came over to set up all the internet connection was very friendly and made me forget the bad experience I had with the customer service. He did a very good job setting it up and was very efficient and professional. Now I have uninterrupted internet connections with awesome speed.