Looking around for a company that provides internet connection, TV cable, digital phone and home energy needs in Wadsworth than look no further as Wadsworth CityLink provides it all under one roof. For many years they have been providing an outstanding internet services to both residential and commercial customer at very affordable rates with the download speed reaching as high as 150 Mbps. Making them one of the best internet service providers in your area. You can also bundle up your internet service with your cable or digital phone and avail special discounts to save more money.

When it comes to getting a new internet connection, each customer has different internet speed needs so in an orderly manner they have created different internet plans for all types of customers. The company offers four different tiers of internet service packages and increasing download speed with each level.

The four different tiers of internet service packages offered by CityLinks are

Tier 1 – download speed at 20 Mbps/ Upload speed at 2 Mbps, good for light browsing the internet & emails, not a good option for digital phone (Voice over IP), one to two devices can be connected and not optimized for streaming videos & audios.

Tier 2 – download speed at 60 Mbps/ Upload speed at 3 Mbps, good for moderate internet browsing, optimized for digital phone (Voice over IP) and streaming videos/ audios and three to four devices may be connected to it.

Tier 3 – download speed at 100 Mbps/ upload speed at 5 Mbps, great for business & heavy internet browsing, better digital phone (Voice over IP), online gaming, streaming videos in High Definition and five to eight devices may be connected.

Tier 4 – download speed at 150 Mbps/ upload speed at 10 Mbps, streaming videos in High definition for multiple devices, download TV shows & movies in seconds, excellent for digital phone, online gaming and more than 9 devices may be connected to it.

CityLinks Customer Service

CityLink offers one of the best internet services at very cheap rates in Wadsworth, offering special discounts on services if you bundle up with other services like cable TV or digital phone. So if you are searching for a company that offers all-in-one service for all your wireless devices you have at your home than contact CityLink customer service phone number today and get a new connection. You can dial at the number (330) 335-2880 to directly speak with one of the customer service representative and share your concerns. You can also get in touch with the customer service team by writing an email to the email support team and they will respond back to you with all your concerns.

CityLinks Customer Service Phone Number – (330) 335-2880

CityLinks Customer Service Fax Number – (330) 335-2829

CityLinks Customer Service Email Address – support@wadsworthcitylink.com

CityLinks Headquarters – 120 Maple Street Wadsworth, OH 44281

Website – http://www.wadsworthcitylink.com/101/CityLink

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