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    I had some issues with initial setup where the IP that was provided was not working but it was fixed after I called up the customer service. The download speed is awesome for the price and the up-time is good.

    Rating: 4
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    Superb customer service. Fast and affordable. I would definitely recommend all my friends. And I highly recommend you to give them a call if you need a good internet speed with a customer service that is available round the clock. I use the internet every day with no connection breaks, I am very satisfied

    Rating: 5
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    I generally judge a company by their customer service on how they deal with the issues. I signed up for the phone and internet bundle a few months back and Wow what a great customer service. Things I thought might be an issue that could not be fixed over the call was done so easily and was dealt with great professionally. Would highly recommend.

    Rating: 5
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    After two to three calls and emails back and forth, the customer service was still not able to fix my internet problems. I play a lot of online games and the internet just drops in between whenever I play. They gave me all the reason as to why the connection was dropping but never fixed the issue. The internet speed is great and I have no issue streaming movies in HD but they still can’t find an solution for sudden internet connection drop.

    Rating: 3