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  • August 28th, 2018 – I contacted CableSouth Media 3 in Mansura, Louisiana and paid to have internet services installed at my home in Jena, Louisiana. Everything went fine, they gladly took my payment and said they would call me back before close of business to give me an install date. Well, that call never happened. So I waited until the next day at work to call back. The female who answered apologized for the call not being made and that my install date was September 18th. So I was like, “Cool, no biggie, it happens. The 18th is fine, have a nice day.” So I stepped over to my boss’s office and informed him I would need the 18th of September off to be home for a service installation. All good. No problems.

    Fast forward to yesterday, the 18th. I woke up around 9:30am to a missed call from Media3. So I called them back immediately and spoke with another female. She called to confirm with me that I had an appointment for that day and to ask if someone will be home. I told her, “Yes ma’am, I do have an appointment scheduled and I will be home all day long.” I asked for a time the service tech would be arriving and she informed me that she was not able to give a time. That was fine, I was home all day anyway.

    So around 3pm, no tech had arrived. So I called Media3 back and asked if a tech was still scheduled to come to my home. I was told by yet a new female that a tech had already been by my house, had knocked, and had decided no one was home. Also, that the tech left a tag on my front door. So, bewildered, I stepped over to my front door (I have a small home) and looked and, lo and behold, no tag. Side note: My front door was open all day. I only had my screen door closed. So I explain this to the female and she is as puzzled as I am. She tells me she needs to speak with dispatch and places me on hold. Well after about 5 minutes she calls and asks me to confirm my address. Which I do. She apologize and says she will call me back in ten minutes, that she needs to see if the tech can return to my house.

    Well 30 minutes pass, so I call them back. A female answers and I have to explain this all over again. To which I receive the reply, “She will call me back in ten minutes because she needs to see if the tech can return to my house.” This happened 4 other times between the hours of 3:30pm and 4:30pm. At no time did anyone return my call.

    So I call back at 4:30pm, very aggravated at this whole scenario. A brand new female answers and tell her I am looking for information on my installation to which she coldly replies a tech came by and blah blah blah. So once again, I retell the day’s events. So she checks the account and says that the install was rescheduled but she is unable to give me a date. So, very puzzled, I ask her well I need a date so know when I need to take off from again. I then explain to her that, “…this is nonsense, your tech never came by and didn’t leave a damn tag.” Now regretfully, I did catch an attitude, but I don’t like being blatantly lied to. She says there is nothing she can do so I hang up the phone.

    So this morning, September 19th @ approximately 7:15am, I receive a call from Media3 during my commute to work. I answer the call and am greeted by the first female I spoke with the day before. She explains that my installation date was rescheduled for October 11th and that dispatch apparently confirmed with the tech that he did come by my house. That he took a photo of the tag. Which is a flat out lie. I requested the photo and was denied, obviously.

    Please stay away from these people. They cost me a whole day of work and a massive headache. I am canceling the install today because I refuse to do business with liars. I sat at my home from 9:30am to 5pm less than 10 feet away from my front door. I had no visitors, no boxes delivered, no one. Media3 made a mistake and instead of confessing to it, blatantly lied and made me out to be the bad guy. They have insulted me and my intelligence and they will not be receiving a penny more from me.

  • Cablesouth media 3 offered me a great internet and TV deal at a moderate price. The picture quality is great and in the past 7 months I have not come across any problems with the network. Good service

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