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Located in Toledo, Ohio, Buckeye cable customer services are amongst the best that you can come across in the neighborhood. Proper stores are located in and around all locations in Ohio for you to have a glance at the services provided to you by the Buckeye broadband.

When quality is of the utmost concern, choosing Buckeye cable phone number would be a wonderful thing. A quick look at the various Buckeye cable customer reviews and you would find them to be in a positive light. For more information, you can call the Buckeye cable customer service number.

With tremendous benefits like high speed Internet as well as proper TV packages well within the realms of possibilities, using it will only be the best option on your cards. For a proper understanding on the Internet services, you can call the Buckeye cable customer 1800 number, .

Why choose Buckeye broadband customer services?

Apart from the fact that Buckeye cable customer service is a 24 hour manned telephone service, there are also a lot of other benefits for you to choose from when selecting this company.

  • Free high-speed Internet when you take a new connection during the Christmas season which includes the high definition cable TV package.
  • Moving becomes easier with only about $ 79 service for the entire bundled package of Internet and popular channels for your home DVR.
  • High definition connection will be provided free of charge when you use an annual service with them.
  • There are no charges for disconnection of the line.
  • Great Internet speeds that would provide you with proper Internet streaming capability without any buffering.

So, should you go for Buckeye cable phone number?

Before you call the Buckeye cable phone number, have a look at the Buckeye broadband customer addresses to see if they service your area. For a better understanding on the deals, you can call the Buckeye Cable phone number, .

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    I my service has been poor or no service at all. First they put me on a plan that was to small for my family and hit me with all kinds of fees after my kids went over on wifi. Then it stopped working after they raised my bill. For 2 or 3 months I had little service or no service but kept sending me a bill for unlimited

  • Joyce Powell says:

    live on 171 Horseshoe lake rd. in Monroe, LA.
    My home phone is out and when a person calls it, it is busy.
    Please give me a call. I need the house phone.

  • Worst service provider, I have used Buckeye for a few years now and it’s by far worst service available. If you live in Perrysburg go with spectrum or another provider. Internet never works modem/router needs reset daily if not multiple times a day and still doesn’t work to the speed I pay for. They claim the have 200 speed but it’s fraud because the don’t have the capability to provide quality internet at 50 speed let alone 200. Now the cable itself is also having issues. Third weekend in a row where Espn and other HD channels glitch out. It’s obvious this company has no intent to provide quality internet and cable service.

  • Raven Buschmann says:

    Buckeye has become the worst provider in town. Long phone wait times, internet lags, rude techs, ridiculous excuses for poor service and high prices make for a bad company overall. Time to switch. If you haven’t already, there are plenty of other ways to go. Nope, I don’t work for another provider. If I did, I would advertise them here. I’m seriously considering moving though, as my apt complex won’t allow me to use any other provider. It’s really annoying.
    My advice is to cut the cord. Change internet providers and use a streaming tv provider. It’s infinitely cheaper and a lot less hassle.

  • Raven Buschmann says:

    Not sure who said Buckeye is getting better, an employee? Buckeye is getting much worse. My internet lags now all the rime, and I’ve moved to a much smaller place. It’s 1/3 the size of where I used to be. The techs, who used to be friendly and helpful, are now rude and unhelpful. Instead of trying to troubleshoot or even think that anything could be an issue with Buckeye, they claim it’s customer fault, or because of “where you live”. As if that’s also my fault. Then fix your lines and upgrade. They now tell me I need to go out and buy hardware to get a better signal than I had in a place 3x the size, when I’m trying to get a signal 6 feet away from the modem!!!
    Buckeye, you are getting competition now. You better step it up. My son left you for a competitor and couldn’t be happier. I’m recommending everyone do the same. Cut the cord. Get another provider and use a streaming tv provider. You’ll be so much happier.

  • It is way too expensive for something that does not work. The download speeds fluctuates between 1mbps to 2 mbps. It never goes above that and when you call the buckeye cable phone number to get support, they wont answer the phone and to cancel my current plan I have to pay them extra for cancellation

  • This is my 6th year with buckeye cable and their internet service is just getting better and better. Over the years they have upgraded the internet speed and I get the best picture quality while streaming movies with no buffering. the services are very good.

  • The internet speed has been very bad lately, the connection drops two to three times a day. The customer service is of no assistance in this matter. Calling Buckeye cable phone number is a waste of time, I spend so much time on the phone talking with the customer service and none of the issue gets resolve after the call. my recommendation is it is better to go for other internet service provider than Buckeye cable internet.

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