Bright House Networks

Bright house networks is a service located all across America, and has its presence in almost all the states. Not only have they been able to provide appropriate Internet and television services to people, but they always provide the best deal as well.

Calling the bright house networks customer service number enables you to get up close and personal with the people that carry on providing you with such services at a relatively cheaper pricing. Overall, the Bright house networks 1800 number which is is catered to customers itself.

Primary known for its beautiful, tailor fitted Internet packages, they have also been able to venture into voice telephony which is definitely a money maker. You need to have a look at the Bright house networks address to see if their service can be found in your area.

Benefits: –

With a lot of positive Bright house networks reviews, any prospective customer would be enticed to make use of their services. Let’s have a look at some of their benefits;

  • Free installation support for your Internet as well as telephone services.
  • Free Wi-Fi set up for people that use the Wi-Fi package.
  • DVR services will be provided to you without any charge.
  • Comprehensible plans that encompass every other facet of entertainment packages that you would want.
  • 24 hour Bright house networks helpline to help you take care of any problems.

Should you go for Bright house networks services?

As much as one would like, choosing any other network other than Bright house networks will end up costing you a lot more. For a better idea about their pricing services, you can call the Bright house networks to support.

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  • Glen Manning says:

    bright house service always keeps dropping. I always pay the bills before the due date but at least three to four times i have to call the customer service phone number to tell them that the line is down. They always come up with the excuse that they are doing a service maintenance. Seriously? Three to four times you do a maintenance check.

  • Mario Nelson says:

    The internet speed is very fast and they has been no connection drops in the past 5 months that i have using them. But one worrying thing about them is in the past 5 months i called the bright house customer service number twice or thrice but none of those times they picked up the call. So if i have any issues with the company, makes me feel lazy thinking i have to go to their store to resolve it. This is not right.

  • Katherine says:

    Absolute unpleasant company.. Terrible customer service as well. Each time the Internet goes out and you call the bright house customer service phone number, the line is always busy. You never get to talk with a person. And I am sure you heard of the data limit, and then charge you extra if you go over the limit. Overall it is awful in all aspects of the company and service

  • This is the fifth time I am trying to contact bright house customer service number and there is no one on the other line. My internet is down for the last 3 hour and there is no customer service to report.

  • The internet connection keeps dropping during peak hours and most of the time we get very low internet speed. I cannot watch movies in HD or stream YouTube videos in HD. The only thing this internet is good for is social texting. And when I call up the bright house customer service phone number, there is little or no help. and there is nothing I can do as there is no other option for other internet service providers near my area.

  • Their internet service is horrible. I have called the bright house customer service phone number on numerous occasions as I have been overcharged. When I address this issue with customer service they blame it on the geographical area that we live in and we get no help.

  • they advertised on their website that Bright House technical support works 24×7, well !! they do not. It was not late I called up bright house phone number around 4pm afternoon but no one picked up the line. The status was same when I tried calling them again every hour. What is the point in saying 24×7 technical support when no one is picking up the calls? terrible customer service

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