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Altice USA, founded in 2001 has been one of the largest communications services for broadband and video services within the United States of America. Noted as a global leader when it comes to telecom and content services, Altice USA has definitely been at the top of their game.

Having had 4.9 million residential and business customers across 21 states in America, Altice USA is the company you need to go for pertaining to all your Internet and telecom needs. In order to meet the demands for your broadband, you can call the Altice USA 1800 number, .

Benefits: –

By looking at the Altice USA reviews, you can make out that this is a wonderful company in question. Some of the benefits that they provide include;

  • Excellent customized plans pertaining to broadband and telecom services.
  • Low costing broadband services that enable you to make tremendous savings down the line.
  • You get multiple choices for Internet broadband speeds along with telecom plans for your needs.
  • 24 hour manned phone lines, wherein you can receive support by calling the Altice USA customer service number.
  • There is an online portal to help you with the payment for your telecom package.

So, should you go for it?

With people calling the Altice USA helpline in order to get some of the best Altice USA services, one can be definitely assured of the fact that this is a good service provider. To that effect, getting a note of the Altice USA address will help you find out if they provide service to your area or not.

To put everything into perspective, getting broadband a proper telecom is the backbone of the modern-day society. As an individual out to take on the world, this is definitely a very important thing for you. For better information, you can call Altice USA support.

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  • Altice Mobile bit off more than they could chew. Stay away…. no customer service is available. Having a hard time canceling the service (three days with their SIM card plus my phone number was never ported.). I would not be surprised if a class action suit begins.

  • Billie Bob Norton says:

    Two weeks and the Altice Mobile I paid for STILL DOES NOT WORK!!!! On line only cust service responds 4-5 hours later with incorrect solutions. Altice stores do not offer tech support. The $20/$30 month “service” is a rip off. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ALTICE MOBILE!!!!!! If I could give negative star rating I would……. Rating: 1


  • WOW!! Altice usa is going to win you over just for their amazing customer service. My tech, arrived 5 minutes early! i was surprised and it is so sad that we are surprised by outstanding customer service this days. The technician explained what he was going to do and in ten minutes it was all done! Faster than ever internet connection, no contract, no hassle! no hidden fees! Amazing!!i would definitely recommend this internet service to other people.

    • Billie Bob Norton says:

      You must be an Altice corporate manager….. Rating: 1

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