Admiral Insurance Company Phone Number

Founded in the year 1993, Admiral Insurance Company is one of the most popular insurance companies in the United Kingdom. The company hosts a variety of insurance products including health, home, and vehicle all loaded with unprecedented benefits and features. 

Types of  Admiral Insurance Plans

Admiral Insurance Company earns its reputation for tailor-made insurance products designed to cover the essentials of one’s life. Motor, home, travel, and personal finances are some of its most popular offerings decked up with a variety of features.

Admiral Home Insurance

Waiting to get a quote for your home cover can sometimes prove more tiring than we think. This is why Admiral Insurance Company offers a toll-free number to turn the entire process into a piece of cake.

Admiral’s home insurance products are provided in three levels: Admiral Cover, Gold Cover, Platinum Cover.

Admiral Cover

The Admiral Cover plan is a pocket-friendly premium plan tailor-made for people seeking more value than what they have put on the stake.


  • Unlimited building cover.
  • Content cover of up to 50,000 Pound.
  • Family protection.
  • House emergency protection.
  • 24 hour emergency helpline.

Admiral Gold Cover Plan

Admiral’s Gold Cover Plan includes boilers emergency repairs also. This plan offers 500 Pound support to pay up a tradesperson making an emergency repair to your hot water or central heating system. You will make up to two claims within the regulation duration and 14 days after the start date of the Gold Cover plan.


  • Unlimited building cover.
  • Content cover of up to 75,000 Pound.
  • Family protection.
  • House emergency protection.
  • 24-hour emergency helpline.
  • Boiler Emergency cover.
  • Trace and access cover up to 5000 Pound and much more optional protection.

Admiral Platinum Cover Plan

Platinum Cover home insurance is treated as a top-level cover.


  • Unlimited building cover. 
  • Content cover of up to 150,000 Pound.
  • Family protection.
  • House emergency protection.
  • 24-hour emergency helpline support.
  • Replacement of damaged items.
  • Trace and access cover up to 10,000 Pound.

Admiral Travel Insurance

The Admiral Insurance Group offers travel insurance for single trips, annual cover, winter sports cover, golf travel insurance, cruise travel insurance, and gadget insurance. Enjoy a 10% discount by buying the plan from the Admiral’s official website.

This plan is provided in three levels: ADMIRAL, ADMIRAL GOLD, ADMIRAL PLATINUM

Admiral Single Trip Insurance

The single trip insurance is designed for people who travel once in a year. Its validity is up to 365 days.


  1. A three-level cover
  2. Online booking
  3. 24-hour emergency support. 
  4. Cancellation cover. 
  5. Personal belongings. 

Admiral Annual Cover

You should buy an Annual cover if you fly frequently. It covers almost every destination on Earth.


  1. Unlimited travel for one month
  2. Medical Emergency Cover
  3. Personal Liability
  4. Legal Protection
  5. Personal Belongings Cover

Admiral Golf travel insurance

Secure your Golf equipment with Admiral’s Golf travel insurance plan.


  1. Free replacement.
  2. Replacement equipment hire.
  3. 50 Pound per day as daily allowance under lost green fees.

Admiral Winter sports cover

So with the Winter sports cover plan, you get to cover all your adventure and winter sports such as Skiing.


  1. Covers for lost or stolen luggage.
  2. Medical treatment expenses covered.
  3. Cancellation cover.
  4. Piste closure.
  5. Delays due to Avalanche. 

Admiral Cruise travel insurance

Holidays on a cruise ship are what we want to rejuvenate but a few things can turn the experience sour in no time. Cover it with Admiral’s Cruise Travel Insurance.


  1. Free to reschedule.
  2. Covers entire trips.

Admiral Gadget insurance

Under this plan, all your gadgets are secured. It covers all the electronic gadgets like- smartphones, cameras, Television equipment, Computers, Tablets, Gaming consoles, Electronic book readers, SatNavs.


  1. Covers all the electronics equipment.
  2. If lost, the entire premium amount is offered.
  3. Free replacement.

Admiral Motor Insurance

Van Insurance

The insurance group provides four levels of covers (Social, Social and Commuting, Own Goods and Haulage). 

  • Social insurance plan is best for an individual who is for personal purposes.
  • A Social and Commuting insurance plan is suitable for a person who uses the van for traveling purposes(covers the work path from one destination to another).
  • Goods insurance plan is best for builders, carpenters, and plumbers who use the van for their business requirements.
  • Haulage insurance plan is best for the person who uses the van for third party commodity delivery.


  1. Covers personal injury (up to 5000 Pound) for the owner and co-owner. 
  2. A driver can earn No Claim Bonus. 
  3. At the time of damage, the Admiral Insurance Company will offer 150 Pound as the claim amount. 
  4. All the policyholders are permitted to repair and replace the windscreen. 

Admiral Car Insurance

Car Insurance provided by Admiral Insurance Company is one of the cheapest car insurance schemes. It starts at just 267 Pound for a single car.


  1. Savings up to 248 Pound if you buy insurance for more than one car. 
  2. Admiral car Insurance Plans cover classic motors and that too for more than 35 years. 
  3. The extra value and a set maturity sum are given to the policyholder if the vehicle is damaged or lost in an incident. 

Admiral Multi cover Insurance

Multi cover insurance plans cover both car and home. Renewal date is fixed, which means you do not need to remember different dates. You will be benefited from discounts on every car and home. Multi cover insurance plans are best for the family consisting of more than 5 members.


  1.  European claims up to 90 days (the plan is valid for all the countries present in the European continent). 
  2. The premium renews on the same date every year, which makes it a 12-month policy.

Admiral Personal Finance

The Admiral Insurance Group offers personal loans too. You need to select your loan amount, choose the loan repayment period, choose an interest rate as per your requirement. The Insurance company offers car finance too.


  1. EMI Option.
  2. Less Interest rate.
  3. Offer flexibility in Premium payment.

Admiral Pet Insurance

Your pet deserves one of the best insurance plans. Pet Insurance is available for both dogs and cats. The plan is divided into three segments: 12 Month, Max Benefit, Lifetime Cover. 


  1. Accidental injury is 2000 Pound, for the person with a 12 Month Cover plan. 
  2. Under the Max Benefit scheme, the vet fees are 2500 Pound.
  3. Vet fees for accident injury are 10,000 Euro for the person with a Lifetime Cover plan.

Admiral Insurance Group offers more flexibility and safety to people holding lifetime cover schemes. You can get all the information about the policy online on the official website. For more details, you can connect to the customer service representative by calling on Admiral Insurance Customer Service Number 856-429-9200.

Where to call for the Car Insurance and what is the Admiral Car Insurance UK phone number?

In case you live in the United Kingdom then you need to call on the Admiral Car Insurance UK Phone Number 856-429-9200. The number is operational from Monday to Sunday. For the timing please visit the official site or call on the global toll-free number.

What are the products of Admiral Insurance Group?

Admiral Insurance Group offers a wealth of products such as: 

  • Medical Health Insurance Plan
  • RX Health Insurance Plan 
  • Dental Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Wellness Incentives 
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Disability Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group AD&D Insurance
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance
  • Maturity Benefits

How to get an instant Quote of Admiral Car Insurance policy through the Admiral Insurance Contact Number?

To get an instant quote on Admiral Car Insurance Policy, dial the Admiral Insurance Contact Number 856-429-9200 and speak with the company’s representatives. 

When can we call the Admiral Insurance Customer Service Number?

You can call the Admiral Insurance Customer Service Number:

  • From Monday to Friday: 8 am to 6 pm.
  • On Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 4 pm.
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