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Uncertainties of life have increased manifold. There is no surety of what life holds in store for you. So ensuring your safety and your loved ones’ is the need of the hour, which you can do by gifting your family an assurance of AARP life insurance.

The AARP life insurance plan offers you an opportunity to create some unforgettable memories at a priceless cost. For the past 6 decades, it is giving families a reason to smile and celebrate every moment of life. AARP has earned the trust of more than 40 million people since its inception in the year 1958.

Why is AARP insurance important?

AARP insurance is important for a variety of benefits it offers to us–one of which obviously is that anyone who is 50 or more can join the AARP organization anytime and enjoy a whole lot of discounts on movie tickets and groceries among others.

AARP insurance brings to you a range of insurance products at the best price you can ever imagine. 

What makes AARP unique as compared to other life insurance?

The following factors make AARP insurance unique from others: 

  1. Unlike other insurance companies, AARP offers several insurance products such as life, homeowners, and small businesses. 
  2. There is no age limit as such to enroll in the AARP insurance plan. Anyone aged 50 years or more can make available insurance plans loaded with a variety of features and benefits. 
  3.  The AARP insurance plans provide an individual with discounts on a variety of things such as movie tickets and groceries. 
  4. For AARP life insurance, one does not have to undergo a medical examination. 
  5. Its premium rates are more competitive than other non-medical exam insurance policies.  
  6. The AARP auto insurance plan offers lifetime renewability and 12-month rate protection. 
  7. The AARP homeowners insurance offers lifetime renewability, which means the company cannot cancel the policy if you are paying your premiums on time. 

To ensure the safety of your loved ones, insure your world today with the AARP insurance plan. Call the AARP insurance phone number and grab a premium plan for a lifetime.

Happiness is truly priceless with AARP insurance.

How to contact the AARP Insurance team?

The AARP insurance operates a toll-free helpdesk number (1-888-OUR-AARP) 24 X 7 in several languages. The process is simple and can be performed by anyone anytime. Follow these simple instructions

  1. Dial the AARP Insurance phone number.
  2. Select a language.
  3. Choose the AARP insurance quote option.
  4. The agent will discuss various insurance plans with you.
  5. Choose one of the plans as per your needs.
  6. If you have any concerns about the plan then discuss it with the insurance agent.
  7. The agent will help you choose a suitable plan according to your current financial status and needs.

Eligibility to Enroll into the AARP Insurance Plans.

To buy an AARP Insurance plan, one must be over the age of 50 years. Only US citizens or qualified legal residents can avail AARP insurance.

Different types of AARP Health Insurance Plans.

AARP represents a number of insurance products that are actually provided by third-party organizations. Some of them have been mentioned below: 

AARP Life Insurance

Life insurance plans represented by AARP are actually provided by New York Life Insurance Company. Individuals aged 50 through 80 can buy this policy. There are two types of life insurance plans: term and permanent. 

  • Under term insurance, individuals can avail up to $100,000 in protection and do not have to undergo any medical examinations either. 
  • Under permanent insurance, individuals can avail up to $50,000 in protection without undergoing any medical examinations. 

AARP Dental Insurance

AARP’s dental insurance plan is provided by Delta Dental Insurance Company. It has a variety of options that vary from one state to another. Premium rate is $50/month for a northern New Jersey man.

AARP Vision Insurance

AARP has three vision insurance plans provided by EyeMed. It covers eye examinations, glasses, contacts, and laser eye correction for all the members.

How to get an AARP Insurance Quote through AARP Life Insurance Phone Number?

With the help of the following procedure, you will be able get an AARP insurance quote:

  1. Dial the AARP Life Insurance phone number (1-888-OUR-AARP). 
  2. Ask the agent to help you with AARP Insurance Quote.
  3. Tell your age and go with insurance quotes.
  4. Pay the premium as per entitled insurance plan.

FAQs About AARP Health Insurance

What types of health insurance plans does AARP offer?

There are four types of insurance offered by the AARP. The insurance types are as follows:
* Life Insurance
* Dental Insurance
* Vision Insurance

Can I get health insurance if my age is Above 60?

Yes. You can obtain an AARP insurance plan even if your age is above 60. However, you need to pay an extra amount as a premium.

How to claim insurance benefits from the AARP Life Insurance Team?

1. Call the AARP Life Insurance phone number 1-888-OUR-AARP. 
2. Choose your language and follow the instructions to connect with the expert.
3. Present the claim number and ask him or her to fill the claim form on your behalf.
4. Give all the claim proof.
5. The agent will perform the necessary action on your behalf. The claim value will be decided after evaluating the AARP Life Insurance Policy.

What is the AARP Health Insurance Phone Number and is it available throughout the day?

The AARP Health Insurance Phone Number is 1-888-OUR-AARP. It is available throughout the day in several languages.

What are the benefits of term life insurance?

The benefits of term life insurance are as follows:
1. No need to undergo any medical examination.
2. Competitive pricing than other non-medical examination policies.
3. 24X7 customer support.
4. Discounts on movie tickets and groceries among others.

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