Straight Talk is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that offers products and services for both GSM and CDMA sim network support. Straight Talk allows a customer to bring their AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon phones to switch to Straight Talk and keeping your phone, the same phone number and the same nationwide network coverage with no contracts. The service provider offers the customer to switch their CDMA phone that uses Verizon or Sprint’s network to Straight Talk and T-Mobile or AT&T GSM phones to Straight Talk network.

Straight Talk phones and services can be purchased directly from their website, or customer can directly visit the nearest Walmart Straight Talk store or by calling the Straight Talk customer service phone number. They offer a variety of prepaid option, purchasing a new phone and refurbished electronic devices and all of it with no contracts. Straight Talk also started selling Straight Talk iPhones that can be purchased via their website or at the Walmart store.

What are the Straight Talk service plans?

The $30 Straight Talk limited plan – it provides 1500 minutes for nationwide calls, unlimited nationwide text, no contract and 100 MB data for a service period of 30 days

The $35 Straight Talk unlimited plan – it provides unlimited nationwide talk and text, high-speed data for the first 2GB, then at 2G data speed, the service plan is for 30 days.

The $45 Straight Talk unlimited plan – it provides unlimited nationwide talk and text, high-speed data for the first 10 GB, then at 2G data speed, the service plan is for 30 days.

The $55 Straight Talk unlimited plan – it provides unlimited nationwide talk and text, unlimited high-speed data, service plan is for 30 days.

The $60 Straight Talk unlimited plan – it provides unlimited nationwide talk and text, high-speed data for the first 10 GB, then at 2G data speed, unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls to Mexico, China, Canada and India phone numbers, call up to 15 unique destination numbers as per service month, 400 bonus minutes to call Claro Guatemala phone numbers

What is Straight Talk support number?

There may be some few cases when a customer is facing issues with the Straight Talk payments, or while using the Straight Talk refill or with the Straight Talk app. In such cases, you can call the Straight Talk support number and get help to resolve the issue. Or you can send a text message by entering the word HELP to 611611 to get access to a self-service menu with a list of all the help service keywords.

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Sherry Gray
4 years ago

I am Trying to get refill. Don’t know Why it stopped being automatic. Nothing’s changed!

Kendra Fisher
4 years ago

Need to switch from total wires to straight talk

4 years ago

I bought air time on your app but it’s not showing on my phone. I was charge on my bank account but I can’t text anyone

4 years ago

I have purchased some of straighttalk plans but it does not look like it is updated. I contacted the straighttalk phone number and they told me to wait for 24 hours. Its the third day today and the plans have not been updated. Did anyone face any similar problems like me?

4 years ago

I have been dialing the customer service number for an hour and the number is still busy. On the tracking id, it shows that the package has arrived my address but i was home the whole time and no package arrived. I need immediate help

5 years ago

I recently change my phone service provider to straighttalk number but i am not able to connect to the internet. The phone gets connected with the wifi but not the phone internet data. I have checked online and as suggested by straighttalk i changed the apn settings but there is still no internet connection. I have called the straighttalk phone number but they could not do anything over the call but asked me to bring my phone to their store.what is the whole point of buying it online if i could have directly purchased it from the store and got everything ready that day. Not satisfied with the way they handle things. Not a happy customer

judy weiser
5 years ago

won’t accept the number that I try to call in another country use to work but person changed their number now won’t accept
new number

5 years ago

I purchased my phone from and i do not know how to activate my straighttalk phone number. There is no signal on the phone, i cannot make calls or receive any. What is the working hours of straighttalk customer service as i have been trying to get in touch with them but the number is not working for now.

Patricia Hicks
5 years ago

My phone will not let me receive or make calls

Michelle M Petts
5 years ago

I want to cancel my order I paid 1.50 for your “Free” trial membership furthermore the information regarding the cell phone tower was totally inaccurate! your service is misleading and is not accurate. I have a second email at michellepetts [email protected].

Abertina Choules
5 years ago

Mi número es 619518549. Inicialmente ingresé el pin incorrecto, ahora mi teléfono está bloqueado
Mi nonbre es juan bleda cantero.

5 years ago

It has been only two months and now my straight talk number is either deactivated or it is unable to detect any network signal. It has been lying like that for the one week and straight talk wont send me a replacement sim card but want me to come over to their store. Its so annoying

Peggi D Prosser
5 years ago

trying to activate my lg x
i had it through xfinity and now i want to turn it on through straight talk

Andrew Hill
5 years ago

Purchased a new phone online from straight talk and now my old number is not working. There is no signal on my phone and now the customer service wants me to come over to their store so that they could help me and activate my phone and my number.

5 years ago

It has been two days since straight talk customer service told me that my sim card will be activated but i am still waiting for it. I paid for it to get it activated but still no sign of the number getting activated. And now the straight talk customer service is ignoring my calls

meredith crossland
5 years ago

i took the sim out of the back of my phone and now it want work. i got a new phone and was trying to fix it last night and yall were closed. my number is 1-870-415-7791. could u please fix my phone reset it so i can call customer service cause right now i have no other phone. thanx hope u can reset it. thank you.

5 years ago

I have purchased a straight talk plan for my phone in Walmart. I have joined straight talk using my old number that I have been using it for 15 years and now they are not able to activate it. Called the straight talk customer service phone number and I spend more than 1 hour over the phone with the customer support and they are still not able to figure out why the plan is not getting activated. Moreover the services are getting worst, the internet speed is very slow and the signal reception on my phone is always at a single bar or two. This is one of the worst experiences I have had since I joined them a year ago.

5 years ago

I need to get a code for two phones but as a gift in the USA but now in Africa and the network carrier is not supported. An LG fiesta 2lte and Samsung Luna pro. Kindly assist

5 years ago

The product and the pricing are amazing. I got a reconditioned Samsung galaxy from them and it is just like a brand new phone. Best way to get the best deal is to directly call the straight talk customer service phone number and they will offer a better option. 😉

5 years ago

I switched my at&t phone number to straight talk phone number three months back and I opted for the unlimited high speed data plan and everything seems great till now. the services and connections are good and the since I live near hill side the voice quality usually decreases due to network interference but all is good using straight talk

5 years ago

My phone was not able to detect the sim card. I would call straight talk phone number to report the problem and they advised that I need to upgrade my sim card which I did. The new sim card was still not getting detected on my phone but if I connect it to another phone, it gets detected. For this reason I went weeks without a working phone. It didn’t matter how many new sim cards I got, it never fixed the problem. I went through this problem for over 1 month. I got a new sim card from another service provider and now everything is working great. I am never again dealing with straight talk

5 years ago

I was unable to auto refill my monthly plans and a simply 5 minutes call to the straight talk phone number and the issue was resolve. I love it how the customer service agents are very efficient

5 years ago

I have been a straight talk customer for 4 years and the company always seems to impress me and over the years I have made many purchases from them and I got a good number of discounts. However, if I ever face some issues, dialing the straight talk customer service number and waiting to get in touch with a customer service rep can be very stressful. Too much waiting time and very little knowledge about the products