Founded in 1996, OnStar emerges as a result of the collaboration made between three companies, who had given a thought to provide some kind of incredible innovation to the auto world. With a view to make traveling by car safer, the company comes up with the analog operated vehicle systems, which provide complete information about driving the car, safely. With a single OnStar login, customers can enjoy an easy and fast connectivity with the customer service department, to make their driving smooth and comfortable.

OnStar customer service is directed towards driving the vehicle in the most comfortable manner, providing the driver, with complete security features and handy device to handle control over the vehicle. When you’re on the go, you may find the best support system by the premier car safety company in the world.

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OnStar customer service phone number is available 24 hours 7 days a week. The company had provided the handy devices which are successfully integrated into the cars to guide the drivers with the navigation aids, hands-free calling and other similar features. While on the go, you can call at 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827) and ask the dedicated customer support staff and explore the incredible features of the device.

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The handy device accustomed in your car is directed to make your drive comfortable and secure. The OnStar phone number will take you to the customer support department that will help you in setting up the mobile app and handling the exclusive features of the app.

TTY for Hearing/Speech Impaired

OnStar Member Services
PO Box 1027
Warren, MI 48090-1027

Dept #77246
OnStar Service Plan Center
PO Box 77000
Detroit, MI 48277-0246

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    I really appreciate the level of customer service they provide but it was not easy to find the OnStar phone number. I spend about 10 minutes looking for it on their website and could not find it anywhere. Then I called up my friend and he was able to provide me the number as he is an OnStar customer as well

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    I was locked out and I called the onstar customer service number, they were very quick and responsive. Thank you onstar for the excellent service.

    Rating: 5