Founded in 1996, OnStar emerges as a result of the collaboration made between three companies, who had given a thought to provide some kind of incredible innovation to the auto world. With a view to make traveling by car safer, the company comes up with the analog operated vehicle systems, which provide complete information about driving the car, safely. With a single OnStar login, customers can enjoy an easy and fast connectivity with the customer service department, to make their driving smooth and comfortable.

OnStar customer service is directed towards driving the vehicle in the most comfortable manner, providing the driver, with complete security features and handy device to handle control over the vehicle. When you’re on the go, you may find the best support system by the premier car safety company in the world.

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OnStar customer service phone number is available 24 hours 7 days a week. The company had provided the handy devices which are successfully integrated into the cars to guide the drivers with the navigation aids, hands-free calling and other similar features. While on the go, you can call at 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827) and ask the dedicated customer support staff and explore the incredible features of the device.

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The handy device accustomed in your car is directed to make your drive comfortable and secure. The OnStar phone number will take you to the customer support department that will help you in setting up the mobile app and handling the exclusive features of the app.

Phone 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827)
TTY for Hearing/Speech Impaired 1.877.248.2080
Mail OnStar Member Services
PO Box 1027 Warren, MI 48090-1027
Payments Dept #77246
OnStar Service Plan Center
PO Box 77000 Detroit, MI 48277-0246

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  • Myrdis Sharperson says:

    I have a question regarding my policy

  • Betty Patience says:

    I just bought a 22019 equinox. I have been trying to get the phone hands free, and was told by a technician that my car is not equipped for hands free. Why would I want a car phone that I cannot us hands free.

  • It has been my experience that most of the representatives have no idea what they are doing. I’ve called for directions only to have the call ring and ring and then disconnect, representive gives me the incorrect direction to my vehicle (one sent was 1,000 mi away from what I had requested. Horrible service……………thinking of discontinuing.

  • It has been my experience, most of the OnStar representatives need more comprehensive training as they don’t have any idea what they are doing.

  • Marcel LeBlanc says:

    Please cancel my subscription.
    My car number was not accepted even if there is nothing wrong with it. It is a VALID Visa and I don’t wish to start on the wrong foot.

  • James Bowman says:

    The parking lot attendant accidentally locked my keys in the car today, and one quick phone call to onstar opened the door in less than 30 seconds. Great service.

  • I am the addressing Officer for the Town of Orrington, Maine In July, 2016 I sent ONSTAR a message regarding a problem with the wrong information being given by onstar. I requested directions to Rookie Way in Orrington, Maine. I was directed to go out Swetts Pond Road. Swetts Pond Road is not a thru way and does not connect with Rookie Way or Center Drive. When I called ONSTAR back from my truck I talked with one of the attendants and I was told that your system shows Swetts Pond Road as a thru way connecting with Center Drive. There is a road off Center Drive that was names East Swetts Pond Road, but that road does not connect with Swetts Pond Road as the road is impassable. East Swetts Pond Road name has since been changed to Powerline Way, which is a dead end road. We have had many instances where OnStar still gives out the wrong information. Please advise me how I can update your system with road changes made in Orrington, Maine. One would think that keeping your system up to date would be a very high priority for OnStar.

  • The app crashed and i am unable to log in to my account. i need assistance

  • joan hart says:

    My husband and I were in an accident last night. We are both okay. I would just like to thank Onstar and the immediate response to our accident. within seconds the car was stopped flashes initiated and someone came on the line to ask if we were okay. Did we need ambulance, fire, sheriff. The called the sheriff’s department for us and patched us through. She stayed on the line with us until officers responded. Well worth the fee. Thank you so much

  • Don Walker says:

    On Star offered me a trail service, from the time I started with on Star nothing but trouble, employees that give false information go back on services promised. Being in and have two sons in Law Enforcement I would not recommend On Star to anyone. Very disappointed with customer service, if not for that the service could be a valueable tool. Can’t trust On Star to stand behind any thing they say.

  • Ann Bishop says:

    Reactivate car phone

  • nathan harris says:

    need to advise new credit card for you to continue making payments

  • Sharon Gingras says:

    Want to use new credit card for our automatic on- star payment but no phone number to be found.

  • Saul Saumell says:

    Cancelled my service AGAIN June 18, 2018 and I got charged AGAIN for the service. I do not own the GMC Acadia since September 2017, but I have been charged for the last 10 months!!

  • Jerry Pruett says:

    I was told I would be sent an e-mail to read and agree to the contract rules before the trial could start. I have not received the e-mail. I think that the on star person may not have got my e-mail correct. So I am sending this message to make sure on star has it.

  • Marie L Merchant says:

    I do not like your phone system the automated system is horrible and there is no option to click on for customer service !
    Also your smart phone app is not very good either can’t delete my own vehicles when I change vehicles and all so I have to give out my private personal pan to stranger over the phone that I do not even know in order for them to access my account and delete the vehicle I no longer have and on top of that she put me on hold and I hear this thank you thank you thank you message for Tegan choosing on star but then I hear horrible beeping noise no music !! You need to make some changes with your automated phone system and also with the online app I should be able to delete my own vehicles with using my private pin number I gave my name and my phone number and everything but my address and my birthday and my so security number and still she need my pin number to get into my account I don’t think that should be down that way I should be able to delete my own cars off the account I should not have to call-in !!! And when Facebook messaging you or emailing you you never get back to you only say please call our service center for on star in the email that’s all you say ! You need to be more customer friendly and more customer accessible through your app and over the phone otherwise people I’m gonna be happy I just be a customer service rep I know what it’s like when you cannot get through to somebody when the customer struggling to get help and nobody on the other end knows what they’re doing and they don’t care and you can’t be that way as a wrap as a customer service rep if you know your job you have to do your job and also you need to have a better friendly app online in your phone service prompts have to be better for customers just call yourself and listen to your app options on the phone ! you will see that it is horribly terribly not a good function at all it is no customer service press zero or 4 pound or nothing change it in change your app so that customers can delete their own vehicles off of their own account thank you for letting me vent !

  • I have been trying to cancel my account but i am not able to reach the onstar customer service for the past two days

  • Diane Adams says:

    I live in Alabama and took a trip to Va and I used OnStar to navigate my destination. I got to Va but the navigation took me to the incorrect address. I ended up pulling over and using my gps. This was very disappointing and I hope this doesn’t happen the next trip.

  • R. A. Bickers says:

    Please cancel my Onstar Account # 012-258-1781 as I no longer own the 2009 Chev Impala.
    I am not able to phone as I am not living in Canada any more.
    Many thanks.
    Robyn Bickers

  • I had a recent car trouble and the onstar customer service was not reachable. The lines were busy. How can you call this service when i am paying so much for the service and they are not available when i need help

  • Jay Juiiano / Ken Spreng says:

    Never thought we needed on star because we have phones . This is not true. We were in a fatal car accident and on star took care of us immediatly and took care of all of our needs at the time of the crash. great service and great job.The service was unbelievably .
    Thank you
    Jay & Ken

  • I was in a hurry and forgot my car keys and my bag in my car. Stuck outside a very hot and busy afternoon, when I open the Onstar app to get the onstar customer service phone number, the app would not open and was stuck in a blank white screen. I had many other similar issues in the past but onstar did not do anything. I am not happy with the services

  • Cristopher says:

    I was locked out and I called the onstar customer service number, they were very quick and responsive. Thank you onstar for the excellent service.

  • I really appreciate the level of customer service they provide but it was not easy to find the OnStar phone number. I spend about 10 minutes looking for it on their website and could not find it anywhere. Then I called up my friend and he was able to provide me the number as he is an OnStar customer as well

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