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  • Ray Hewitt says:

    Cash app is constantly screwing me and provides no assistance whatsoever

  • Margo Morris says:

    I have been robbed by Cashapp twice the first time 160$ was taken off my card by some place in NewYork I complained and emailed them now again they steal 1100$ I have done the proper things to handle this Im still waiting on a response from them i live in Dallas Texas why the fuck my money goes to Massachusetts I need my money i have too pay rent Cash App is a rip off they say there still investigating and its been over 30 days. Wow how you don’t know i ain’t send no money to Massachusetts

  • I have been ripped off quite a bit of money, and these scammers make it VERY difficult to get in touch with them. They need to be investigated. I am going to look into it tomorrow. How do they get away with this s***!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Echavarria says:

    my account is frozen and I cant use my moneylost my phone donthave pin cant use as credit for purchases what do you do with our money. just release my card hold. is this a scam too?


    I have been trying to get someone to get back to me for days. They closed my account with no answers and the money that is there i cant transfer to my account

  • caseptla w bailey says:

    cash sent not deposited to my bank account need money now to pay bill



  • Gregory Paxson says:

    I was charged a duplicate payment that was not authorized by myself. When I attempted to cancel the transaction, nobody would help me. Both transactions went thru my bank, but only one charge was received by the intended recipient. I’m out $250. I’ve sent numerous emails to the Cash App support team with proper documentation provided, only to have those emails fall upon deaf ears. NOT ONE REPLY. I would like my $250 back.

  • Catherine walker says:

    I had a problem receiving money from returned item. I called and talked to Anderson in Custoner Service. He walked me through some steps including a phone number change. What happened next is a crime. He took whatever I did gave in Cash Apps out. I tried calling the number and they had already disconnected it. Cash App is a scam and they steal money even $1 at a time. I will be calling the police

  • I have 25.00 sitting in the app which I need to be returned to my account 2 weeks now and I just can’t get this done and no one to help, had I looked at the reviews before I would have never download this app smmfh

  • Daniel Harris says:

    I am trying send money with cash app. So far I can not send it. Please help

  • Maxine Hedgepeth says:

    I presently have a CashApp account for my Alumni Association because I am the Treasurer and this is attached to the bank account of the organization. I would like to have a personal CashApp for my account


    transaction was declined by paparazzi accessories. I need cash app to release my funds back to me. also, can you give me a valid email or fax number to cash app.

  • Izhak Fixler says:

    Hi there,

    I was hoping to speak with a supervisor, but un fortunately was waiting 18 min. now;

    Anyway, I’d like to thank and express our appreciation for getting a refund after an issue that wasn’t our fault (on Sat Jan 19, 9 – 10 pm).

    Thanks again,


    • tracy owens says:

      How did you get to speak to some one

  • ALEXANDRA says:

    I CONTACT CASH APP SUPPORT PAST WEEKEND AND NO HELP AT ALL MY OLD ACCOUNT CASH NAME IS $jadenyy the phone number is the same for both new and old account ******6211 my email is the same i need to access my old account because someone send me 170 and is yust sitting there cant you send that money back to the person she is trying to get her money back because i wont be able to get access to my old account unless youll help me out in this case… is the same nuber for both account jadenyy and the new cash account is $hotcake77 alexandra maradiaga ******6211 i need to acess jadenyy cash account…


  • I am an ATM service provider. There is a problem with your network. It is giving an error code that says your customer is taking out more money than is available. Then they get a receipt that says no cash has been dispensed. Which is true. However, the funds are being deducted from your customers account. Your customers are saying there is no way to contact you. I was under the impression you HAD to have a way to contact you on your card. Sounds like a federal issue here. Please try and fix this problem. Thanks!

  • how can you be doing business and do not live person on the phone. This online support is not helping at all. It is very frustrating when you need your money and you can not get it because there is no live person to talk to. The system is not good.

  • Teresa Graham says:

    No payments received by 4 co-workers. I’ve called my bank. On cash app states that 3 10.00 and 1 15.00 payment went through. Please help me to recover my money.

  • DK Martin says:

    I recived a 200.00 from some one on cash App yesterday I tried to open the app an it kept freezen. I shut the app down then only to rebooted. after rebooting the app I lost every thing formal contacs the 200.00 that was seen to me in wich I never recived.

  • Rosiannah says:

    I am going to get rid of Cash App if they do not put safety mechanisms in their system to give you a chance in case you make a mistake or allow you to cancell transactions once the money is sent. The transfer is immediately. It has been very difficult to get support on line and impossible to talk to a live person. As soon as I get my money back that I accidently sent and the person won’t refund it.

  • Derrick Webster says:

    CASH APP is pathetic No way to contact customer service. This app is full of SCAM artists, and no one to help. It should be criminal to take money from people this way!

  • Mahalia Walker says:

    This app is full of Sh –. You have no one to talk to and your money is just out there. This app is the worst and most inconvenient when something goes wrong. Where in the fuck do we go for our money or do they just keep it. They never respond to the emails you send. I am going to find the president of this company if it is the last thing I do. I NEED MY MONEY

    • Daniel Echavarria says:

      my account is frozen and I cant use my moneylost my phone donthave pin cant use as credit for purchases what do you do with our money. just release my card hold. is this a scam too?

  • Muriel Contee says:

    why won’t your website except my zip code. Says invalid zip code. The fact that their is no one to speak to is very poor business.

  • agnes rhodes says:

    my dauther sent me money Dec 26 and it still not in my cash account.i need to find out what happen and what to do to get it.

  • I is a easy way to get and give money. God forbid if somethings changes you cant get no one to help.

  • marlene nippe says:

    help incorrect billing

  • KIKI T. LYONS says:

    i am having problems receiving money from someone. NEED HELP

  • LINDA BEGGS says:

    I have a bank account but I do not have a debit card.

  • Cynthia Perkins says:

    Can you please help me? my cash app payment is not in my account and it says received.

  • ren caballero says:

    can i get a phone # to call for a live person. my lender needs to contact you to add the vesting to the policy…. need a number asap please

  • It is impossible to get any help from Cash App. Customer Service is supposed to be open 24 hours but no one answers. I would like to make a change on my account but do not see anywhere that I can do that . I am unable to access my money and am very
    disappointed and upset.

  • patrick crossley sr says:

    cash app card



  • Brian Mcglothan says:

    I sent 50.00 to an individual but she only received 48.23 of the 50.00, why did that happen?

  • When I was transferring payments before, I would get a message if I wanted to use credit card or banking account. Now I am not getting that option anymore. How do I get the option back?

  • tariq simpson says:

    hey I was billed for things I don’t pay which put my cash app in debt sooooo may I please have someone to talk to about this

  • Lara Pallen says:

    deposit has been in a pending status for a day noe….used the app with another contact and it went through fine

  • Charlene TC Miura says:

    Fund transfer not received
    My friend sent me money on Monday 12/03/2018 and I still have not received it! How much longer will it take or am I ever going to receive it at all!?! I am very disappointed at the wait time to receive these funds!
    Very frustrating to call a toll free number that does not even get you in contact with a real person! Why do you even advertise the number if no one will answer your question? A response would be greatly appreciated.

  • Barbara Colon says:

    I am having trouble receiving my money from this app and keep getting the run around when I speak with someone.

  • kelly jordan says:

    why in the hell you can’t speak to a human….i going to start using PayPal

  • I need my $350 back this cash app is full of shit I will never use it again

  • Francine Bailey says:

    Someone sent me some money and I have not received the money and I can’t contact them.. I found the number online and called the number and was told that cash app gave out their company number. I am truly furious because I have to come outta my pocket to give the person the money was for

  • Matt Collinsworth says:

    I sent a payment to one of my guys for his pay of $660 on Wednesday 11-7-18 & he couldn’t finish setting up cash app because he doesn’t have a bank account or card. I tried to send a cancel for the payment and need help getting the funds back to my account.

    Matt Collinsworth
    Lewisvilletruckcenter org


  • I am furious! There is NO WAY to contact a human being and I have lost 1350.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is there a way to delete transaction history in the cash app. For example deleting what was sent in and what I sent out.

  • conrad kraus says:

    What is the maximum dollar amount that you can send when sending a payment

  • tommie jackson says:

    I’m having a problem finding my payment


    I just need somebody help me with a transaction received yesterday I tried to cash out but I think my account is linked with my husband account.
    the number of the person who send me the cash is 305 219 1569 can you please send him the refund back because the money is stand by
    or if you have some number to call and explain my case.
    thank you

  • Hi, I just downloaded the app via a friend and also had another friend sign up under my referral? I have not received the $5 from with one that you offer? Also every time I try and send myself money it fails? I’m thinking maybe they are linked? Please let me know where to go from here? Thanks!

  • I need help and I don’t have anyone to help me with contacting cash app

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