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    I need help and I don’t have anyone to help me with contacting cash app

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    Hi, I just downloaded the app via a friend and also had another friend sign up under my referral? I have not received the $5 from with one that you offer? Also every time I try and send myself money it fails? I’m thinking maybe they are linked? Please let me know where to go from here? Thanks!

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    I just need somebody help me with a transaction received yesterday I tried to cash out but I think my account is linked with my husband account.
    the number of the person who send me the cash is 305 219 1569 can you please send him the refund back because the money is stand by
    or if you have some number to call and explain my case.
    thank you

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    tommie jackson

    I’m having a problem finding my payment

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    conrad kraus

    What is the maximum dollar amount that you can send when sending a payment

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    Is there a way to delete transaction history in the cash app. For example deleting what was sent in and what I sent out.

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    I am furious! There is NO WAY to contact a human being and I have lost 1350.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Matt Collinsworth

    I sent a payment to one of my guys for his pay of $660 on Wednesday 11-7-18 & he couldn’t finish setting up cash app because he doesn’t have a bank account or card. I tried to send a cancel for the payment and need help getting the funds back to my account.

    Matt Collinsworth
    Lewisvilletruckcenter org


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    Francine Bailey

    Someone sent me some money and I have not received the money and I can’t contact them.. I found the number online and called the number and was told that cash app gave out their company number. I am truly furious because I have to come outta my pocket to give the person the money was for

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    I need my $350 back this cash app is full of shit I will never use it again