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  • Darold Sprouse says:

    I purchase the Galanz 4.0 retro in June 2020 as of Nov 9 it stop cooling. ice melted everything hot.

  • Dale cofer says:

    Got a 3.1 Galante mini fridge and freezer it cools a little but won’t freeze anything

  • Patricia Matczak says:

    My mini fridge is leaking, only 4 months old

  • James Long says:

    My mini fridge doesn’t work.

  • Eva Figueroa says:

    Brand new fridge arrived yesterday. Freezer works but the fridge is not cooling.

  • Henry Aho says:

    Brand new fridge arrived yesterday. Freezer works but the fridge is not cooling. Please let me know if you can troubleshoot or have someone fix it. Fridge is a 12 cubic feet red fridge.

  • Elizabeth Ponce says:

    I just bought a mini fridge, its been plugged in for 5 hours now and it has not cooled.

  • Joyce Weston says:

    I purchased a refrigerator 08/27/18 from and for no reason it just quit working. I feel that Galanz should replace it at no charge


    I bought galanz fridge at Wal-Mart few weeks ago . Four days ago the fridge stopped working after shut off . It won’t pick up unless I replug the fridge . Why

  • I’m a disabled vet barely making ends meet scratched up enough money to buy my daughter a refrigerator so she can go to college it lasted for 12 months Walmart won’t take it back and when I called the 800 number it says it’s a nonworking number where do they do stuff like that at unbelievable unreal unethical

  • Trudy Sterling says:

    Hi I just purchased a 3.1 mini refrigerator with top freezer today. I plugged it in for an hour and the sides feel very hot to touch, should I return it to the Walmart store where I bought it? Trudy Sterling

  • Gloria Benbow says:

    Hi my name is Gloria Benbow and i talk to u all back in February bout a refrigerator that I purchase from you all and I’m trying to figure out how long would it take for me to get a refund I can be reached at 202 760 7224 thank you

us +1-855-400-5201