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  • Compressor says 240volys plug and electrical drawing say 120. Which

  • Alvaro Masis says:

    I need the Embraco compressor EGYS-90HLP and I want to know if this number change to another number, I will appreciate your help

    • Ted Lutkehaus says:

      I purchased a embraco compressor 7014067. It is having difficulty starting when a shorter cycle occurs. The compressor is an EM65NR. I would like to install a starting cap on the system to eliminate problem. The em does not come with a cap as I’m sure you know. The original compressor with my sub zero had the starting cap. Can you tell me what cap would apply to this application. Can I use the cap that was used with the original compressor. The subzero is a model 590.;

us +1-855-400-5201