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  • Dave Noort says:

    I am a Plumbing Wholesaler on the west coast, Canada.
    I have a customer interested in replacing a Grudfos pump w a Bell & Gossett.
    Are you able to replace a CRE 5-4 with comparable?

  • don johnson says:

    I have two heating circulation pumps, serial # C174129-01J31 and C174129-02J31. I am trying to find out how old the pumps are. What year were they manufactured?

  • john smith says:


    I have a “Bell & Gossett Suction Diffuser” pump and I’m wondering what year it was manufactured. Serial #: 159129, Part #: 115039. Thanks!

  • Merle Weaver says:

    I bought 3 circulators and all 3 are defective! They definitely don’t have quality control! I was on the phone getting transferred to the warranty department and they decided to hang up and won’t return my calls.

  • Pablo Gargiulo says:

    The dealer who sold me the unit, Bell & Gossett is non responsive. I need help. Please contact me to see what i can do.

  • Wayne C Rembold says:

    Is there a supplier in Portland OR that stocks this product?

    Coupler, Cast Iron (Series 100, HV, PR, 2″)
    SKU: 118705
    Brand: Bell & Gossett

us +1-855-400-5201