The founding ideals of Total Home Protection are to provide some of the best home warranty solutions along with exceptional services to customers that are in need of it. Providing great products is only one part of the job; without proper compliments given to the services, the customers shall never be satisfied.

Total Home Protection has been constantly striving in order to provide efficient and faster solutions within the network of the qualified contractors. Since the prospective customers are always looking out for extremely high value to their money, providing such kind of services will always be of a great legitimacy to the people in need of it. So, if you are planning to purchase a new house, sell your home, or simply would like to make use of products, give a call to the Total Home Protection customer service number.

Apply for the best results

Total Home Protection services are legendary when it comes to the response time for any prospective customer. Alleviating your problems would always be the primary objective of the company, and they have experienced people to help lead the way. By using their services, you are shielding your investment from any kind of damage.

Why choose Total Home Protection?

Apart from the fact that they are exceptionally good at their job, people need a reason as to why they need to go for Total Home Protection. Some of those reasons include;

  • Free quotations for prospective customers.
  • Comprehensive home warranty plans for as low as one dollar per day.
  • Protect your home with customized plans that does not make you worry about replacing appliances.
  • 24/7 customer service provided by dialing the Total Home Protection contact details.
  • Local technicians which have been vetted by the company will be allocated jobs to your houses.

Should you go for it?

Total Home Protection has the reputation of providing excellent customer support, particularly when it comes to replacement and appliance breakdowns. They have an annual plan which will be suitable for your budget, come what may. To also get an indication about their popularity, you can go through the Total Home Protection reviews. Efficient services happens to be their mantra, and to experience that, you can call Total Home Protection phone number.

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  • Rollie Topping says:

    I see many complaints on how you handed many claims. I don’t want a company that refused to cover the loss & only pay a small amount. I just singed in & I want to know you sand by with a 100 0/0 coverage

  • sheila hopkins says:

    I have misplaced my current handbook so can you send me a replacement,

  • We chose this comapny due to competitive pricing. “Total Home Protection” is a fallacy in its namez our dishwasher was leaving residue all over dishes. The tech came and said it needed a new motor, after seeing minimal refuse in tbe filter. Then THP advised us that tbey would send us $200 toward a new dishwasher. If that’s “total protection,” the.n partial payment should be enough for their monthly charge. We received no explanation….
    They need to change their name to “Partial Discount Bait and Switch Protection.”

  • I am a hvac contractor, Total Home Protect contacted me to make a service call 30 miles out of our normal area as they were unable to find anyone else. My tech did the standard repair work, changing out a 18 yr old capacitor & contactor. He also cleaned the evaporator coil as is our standard procedure for every job, to insure the customer’s system is running at it’s best when we leave. Because we told them we cleaned the evaporator coil Total Protect used that as a excuse & refused to cover the charges, blaming the customer for lack of maintenance. We were told the homeowner would have to pay & then he hung up on us. We did try to reach out to a manager to get this resolved for the home owner, to no avail. And more than 2 hours wasted on the phone, vary unprofessional. Be sure to read the fine print in your contract & pay close attention to the reviews.

  • I have two refrigerators at my home and one of them was not working. I called up the Total Home Protection phone number and submitted a claim a repair for my refrigerator. I called total home protection customer service multiple times, asking them to send in someone to repair my refrigerator but they said they had no repairman near my area and made me wait for a week. I had to go out myself and find a guy to fix my refrigerator and pay him a lot for the fixes.