American Home Guard Phone Number

American Home Guard Phone Number

With over 50 years of experience, American Home Guard has always put the needs of the client first. With that dedicated team of agents specializing in providing the best coverage solution to the customers, using the American Home Guard services should not be much of a hassle. With a wide range of policies and plans which are tailor made to meet the specific demands, American Home Guard will ensure that you never have to worry about the future.

With proper discounts, and seasonal offers going on with American Home Guard, it would always be a good time to get home warranty solutions for your house. Be it a new house, an existing house, or even a commercial establishment, home warranty is a necessity in order to provide proper coverage to the belongings in that establishment. With American Home Guard, one would never have to worry about any problems regarding the coverage of the products.

Enjoy your present with the proper home warranty

Many people fixate upon the past, and then plan for their future, leaving their present in tatters. Well, with American Home Guard, your future is secure, therefore leaving you ample opportunity for you to enjoy your present.

Why choose American Home Guard?

In spite of the fact that they have over 50 years of experience serving home warranty solutions to people, they are still in the thick of things, providing a lot of benefits to their service. These are;

  • A comprehensive plan to provide proper coverage to electrical, plumbing, water heating as well as refrigerator in your house.
  • Plans which are cost effective, and do not take into account the labor charge and maintenance costs which would normally have to be done by you.
  • 24/7 coverage provided by simply calling up the American Home Guard customer service number.

Should you seek out this service?

Well, with the Internet becoming a level playing platform, you can read the American Home Guard reviews to find out thousands of people saying positive things about this service. Therefore, gather the American Home Guard contact details and give them a call to understand the home warranty plans at present. To get the best service possible, call the American Home Guard phone number.C

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  • josephine sinclair says:

    Same thing with us, we were contacted for HVAC job and never received payment, return calls or email this has been going on since 7/18 not a good company to deal with

  • jill santaita says:

    We are a small plumbing company. We were contacted on 8/15/18 asking if we would be interested in doing a job, as the company they usually used, was not available. We did the job, and never recieved payment. As a small company, this type of thing really effects us. Especially when we paid for the materials. Then when we tried contacting them, they never returned our calls or emails. Now we find out that they are shut down. NOT how business should be done.


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